Looks like Bengaluru colleges do not want menstrual hygiene on their campuses

Out of the 10,000 city colleges that were expected to place orders for sanitary napkin vending machines and incinerators, only 100 approached the concerned company
Only 100 out of 10000 colleges have approached HLL Lifecare Limited
Only 100 out of 10000 colleges have approached HLL Lifecare Limited

Colleges in Bengaluru have not paid much heed to the three-month-old circular that required the campuses to bear sanitary napkin vending machines and incinerators. Therefore, only one percent of colleges in the city have placed the orders for these products.    

The lapse became evident when HLL Lifecare Limited, a company that supplies hygiene products,  wrote to the All India Council for Technical Education, seeking that these machines be installed in all engineering colleges. However, only a handful of them seems to be interested in seeking the benefits.

Guessing the reason for disinterest among the colleges, the top official from HLL Lifecare Limited says that it is a stigma that is a primary factor is stopping these colleges from placing an order. To boost the sale, the prices have been subsidised.

We have proposed to provide three napkins at Rs 10. Students can avail it by paying Rs 10 and one of the staff members of the college can be trained to use the machine and refill the stock, but it does not seem to help the colleges approach the company

Senior official, HLL Lifecare Limited

Ironically, students on various campuses are taken aback by the inconvenience caused by the unavailability of the napkins. Archana Rani, an engineering student at one of the colleges of Bannerghatta Road, is clearly one of them. 

There are no pharmacies in the vicinity. At times of need, I can only look to other students for help. The pharmacy in my college does not have supplies of napkins. It is only first aid there. For students wanting to find one to purchase sanitary napkins, it is no less than a one-kilometer

Archana Rani, Engineering Student

Even the teachers believe that this is the need of the hour.  "We are yet to approach them but will do it. We will seek permission from Bangalore University for the same," K R Venugopal, principal UVCE.

HLL Lifecare Limited is now looking at re promoting the idea in an attempt to reach out to more colleges. “Having incinerator is a great idea because disposal is a problem. GST is already making it expensive. Providing sanitary napkins at an affordable cost must be the priority,” said V Akhila, a healthcare activist.  

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