Meet Samica Mehta, a 19-year-old author who hasn't used capital letters to start sentences throughout her debut book!

At 19, Samica Mehta is a blogger-writer who has one very unique thing about her — she simply does not believe in using capital letters EVER! She tells us about her debut book and her emotional journey
Samica Mehta is also a great dancer
Samica Mehta is also a great dancer

Young authors are delighting readers across the world. While it's not as easy for young and novice authors to fit into the market, self-publishing platforms are giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents. Samica Mehta, a 19-year-old, self-published author is a breath of fresh air, tackling issues that affect the youth.
She is probably the only writer you’ll come across who doesn't use capital letters in her writing, stating, "That's just my thing!" Samica, a BA Dance student at the University of Surrey, uses her blogs Happy Tears (samicamehta.blogspot) and amtopm ( to help people cope with their problems. I mean, who better to understand the emotions of the youth than a fellow youngster? She writes about self-worth, depression, the importance of family and why it’s crucial to love yourself before loving anyone else; and is therefore quite relatable to a large population, helping them cope with their insecurities and finding inner peace.

Her Story: Samica Mehta's book i hope this finds you

"I didn't intend to write a book. I was going through a tough phase and I just kept writing because that's how I heal," says Samica, who has racked up 5000 Instagram followers and is very popular amongst teenagers. She started writing and posting her work online and received positive responses from her followers, which made her think about publishing her work. "A lot of people told me that they loved my work, so I sent my manuscript to Notion Press," says the blogger-turned-author.
Her book, i hope this finds you (to the ones that could never belong), too is meant for people who are going through a tough time. Talking about the purpose of the book, Samica says, "It's for people who are looking to heal, it has the answers to questions that people have been looking for all their lives." Unlike other books, this one has quotes and poems, and each page tells a different story, a different emotion. Undoubtedly, she has received a lot of appreciation for her book.

When asked about the research that went into putting the book together, Samica confesses, "No research at all. I write what I feel, think, and imagine in my own way." She adds that sometimes she ends up spending as much as 7-8 hours writing non-stop and believes that anyone who is going through a rough patch should write, as it can really help them get through difficult times. She firmly believes that writing can be therapeutic. "The transition wasn't smooth at all; it was tough but definitely worth it. I think being relatable — empathy — is the most important thing."

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