This young duo has started an FB page that is making Indian entrepreneurs look 'inspiringly' great

You might not have heard of the Facebook page Humans of Entrepreneurship yet, so we get the lowdown on it. It was started by two 20-somethings as a take on the popular Humans of New York page
Founders of the Humans of Entrepreneurship page
Founders of the Humans of Entrepreneurship page

Shashank Saurabh and Shahnawaz Javed work at, the music streaming app. They work all day and return home late at night. It is then that they work on Humans of Entrepreneurship, their Facebook page. With a humble following of 1,035 likes, this page aims to post "stories that inspire," says Saurabh, the 22-year-old co-founder of the page. 

Before we could ask Saurabh, he himself points out the familiarity the name of the page shares with Humans of New York, "which are pretty popular, so we took up the current name inspired from it". But that's where the similarity ends. Their posts are solely about, for, and even by entrepreneurs. Saurabh may belong to the corporate jungle now but back in college (Amity University, Noida, 2013), he started Dwibe. This was an online sharing portal through which all requirements of college students from formals to a thermometer, could be shared between students.  

Two together Shashank Saurabh and Shahnawaz Javed, founders of Humans of Entrepreneurship

Though all posts are my favourite, the first one about photographer Aditi Verma, will always be special. I feel that women are entering this field and doing very well

Shashank Saurabh, co-founder of Humans of Entrepreneurship

"The start-up trend hadn’t started back then so we did not have any idea about funding and because of lack of direction, we dropped the idea after a year." Even after college he worked for a start-up and it is there that the idea of the page germinated. "Everyone shared their problems, which was really motivating. We realised that not only stories of people like Steve Jobs are motivational, but smaller entrepreneurs are inspirational too." After joining, Saurabh and Javed started Humans of Entrepreneurship just last month, through which they aim to post at least one story of about 350 words every two days. This they accomplish with the help of two content writers. "We have no expectations from it as we just started this not as a business venture with big goals, but just a page that inspires people. But in the online world, where inspiration comes a dime a dozen, what sets this page apart is "that none dedicatedly inspire entrepreneurs like we do," Saurabh completes for us.

Saurabh feels that entrepreneurship is nothing but problem-solving and this trend is here to stay. He advises entrepreneurs to keep striving for their ideas to work but when it feels like they aren't able to retain users, then they should let go

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