NEET update: Counselling for MBBS likely to start in the second week of July

But before we talk about counselling, it seems that CBSE students had an upper hand over students from the State Board. We find out more...
Counselling for NEET, coming up next
Counselling for NEET, coming up next

The topper for NEET in Tamil Nadu may be a State Board student but, the general post-result atmosphere seems to suggest that CBSE students had an edge over State Board students. Even the topper himself most likely made it because he took a year off to undergo NEET coaching classes.

The MBBS Selection Committee is still in talks about the next few steps to be taken for students in Tamil Nadu, sources said there were still discussions over considering state board results, in case there are any delays from the Centre. However, no decision has been taken yet. 

B Lakshmi, a Bio Maths student said that, "More questions were from the CBSE syllabus. We were also intimated at the last minute that negative marks would be given. If it was difficult for CBSE students, then think of the non-CBSE students." She scored 200 in NEET. Educationists say that the the English version of the paper had more questions from CBSE syllabus than State syllabus.

About nine lakh students took the NEET exam in English while around one lakh students opted to write it in ​Hindi

If the State Board results are drastically different in comparison to CBSE results, selection committee might take it into consideration but there is no word on that yet. 

However, sources say that applications will start being issued from the 28-29 June and students would be notified of the same on the 26. Counselling is expected to start in the second week or third week of July.

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