What happened on April 14: When Dr Ambedkar was born and Pottermore was launched 

We all have heard about the Father of the Indian Constitution and his contributions to the country, let us find out a little more about his life too
What happened on April 14 | (Pic: Edexlive)
What happened on April 14 | (Pic: Edexlive)

We all have heard about the Father of the Indian Constitution but do you know what Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar’s original surname was? Ambavadekar. Drawing from the name of his native village in Ratnagiri district of Maharastra, Ambavade. As his teacher Mahadev Ambedkar was very fond of him, the teacher changed Bhimrao Ramji's surname to Ambedkar.

Ambedkar was born on April 14, 1891 and was the first Indian to pursue a Doctorate in Economics abroad. He took 29 courses in Economics, 11 in History, six in Sociology, five in Philosophy, four in Anthropology, three in Politics and one each in elementary French and German. Phew, what a list!

Ambedkar was the man behind conceptualising the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). He also fought for three years to get a comprehensive Hindu Code Bill passed which gave several important rights to women.

Immerse yourself in Pottermore
For all things Harry Potter, the only one-stop-shop that you needed back then was the Pottermore portal!

Author of fantasy novel series Harry Potter, JK Rowling launched this exclusive website, which was a digital publishing, e-commerce, entertainment and news company, on April 14, 2008. 

It also served one and all with Rowling’s thoughts, unpublished texts, ebooks and audio versions of the seven Harry Potter books and so much more. It was a gold mine, we are telling you!

Here, Harry Potter fans could delve deeper into the wizarding world and learn many interesting facts about the characters, series, spells, Hogwarts' journeys and a lot more.

Why did they change their name though? To rebrand and explore new horizons! Also, the site had turned into more of a blog than a companion to the books. Hence, the website changed its name, and a whole lot more, from Pottermore to the Wizarding World in 2019. 

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