Why you'll absolutely love the miniature 3D cars, buses and trucks made by this student during lockdown 

Karthik Lahari speaks about his ace 3D models of everyday vehicles around us using foam sheets and plastic waste available at home. Here's how he does it
Models of vehicles made from foam sheet (Pictures: Karthik Lahari)
Models of vehicles made from foam sheet (Pictures: Karthik Lahari)

There are two ways you can spend your time while in a lockdown — you can catch up on sleep or you could do something you are passionate about. This 20-year-old, Karthik Lahari, chose to do the latter — he began creating 3D models of common vehicles he came across every day. So far, Karthik has made 3D models of a car, scooter, auto-rickshaw, mini tempo, tractor, truck, a luxury bus and so on. "I have always been interested in making miniatures and 3D models. Anyone can make a huge model but to get the measurements right and make miniatures is a true challenge. And I love a good challenge," Karthik states firmly. 

Speaking about the process, he says, "When I first started making these models, I used hard bound cardboard as it was easy to get the measurements right. But during the lockdown, I wanted to experiment with something new. So, I moved to using plain foam sheets to make these models. Each model takes at least one day to make because the measurements have to be accurate, so you can't rush it. A big window on a small door would be a disaster. Everything has to be exactly the same as the real vehicle."

Karthik Lahari is a student and an artist 

While cutting these foam sheets to perfection in the shape of the vehicle is important, Karthik also ensures to paint them just right so that they look exactly like these vehicles. And he doesn't stop there. He also installs small LED lights. "These lights work on tiny batteries that can be easily fixed in these miniatures. Whenever switched on, the lights start blinking and they look absolutely stunning," says Karthik who is originally from Puttur in Udupi district.

Will his passion for 3D pave the path to maybe becoming an artist one day, we wonder. Karthik replies, "I would love to become an artist but I also feel the need to get a job that helps me earn a decent income. In the near future, I want to make many more models of vehicles." Looks like Karthik has a good head on his shoulders and skill in his hands. 

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