#ThrowbackToday: Mario's first appearance dates back to almost 40 years

In today's #TBT, we remind you of Mario, the adorable plumber who we all helped at some point or the other via the video game, and together, we braved many odds, virtually, of course. Remember him?
Say hello! | (Pic: Pixabay)
Say hello! | (Pic: Pixabay)

Rescuing Princess Peach is his sole mission. So, come hail or high water, or in his case dungeons or dragons and a whole lot more, he will keep munching on mushrooms for the strength he needs and keep forging on.

Yes, we are talking about the pudgy plumber Mario. Though we know him from the Super Mario series of games that we all have binge-played at some point or the other, this was not the first Nintendo game that he debuted in.

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Ever heard of Donkey Kong? It was an arcade game launched by the same Japanese video game company, Nintendo. It is here that Mario made his first appearance when it was released on July 9, 1981, except the fact that not as Mario. His first name was Jumpman. It was changed to Mario later on because of Nintendo's landlord, Mario Segale. It was when he stormed into the warehouse demanding that the company catch up with the rent that he made his impression. Needless to say, he wasn't very tall and wore suspenders as well, just like our dear Mario.

Today, Mario is a pop culture icon and the latest in the long series of games that this character has featured in is Mario Golf: Super Rush. Tried it yet?

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