This SRM alum's app lets you document your interests and find others like you. Check it out

Livathon was developed by Ragul Ramachandran to help people find local talent and others with similar interests to increase networking opportunities
Ragul Ramachandran | Pic: SRMIST
Ragul Ramachandran | Pic: SRMIST

Social media has made it possible for people who live around the world to stay connected to each other constantly. Separated by borders, friends remain connected with one another over shared history, interests and much more. But what about those living immediately around? What if there was a way to connect and build a network in a person's particular surroundings based on interests? That is exactly what SRM Institute of Science and Technology alum Ragul Ramachandran thought about when he decided to develop Livathon, an app that helps people network with others around them based on common interests in sports, social causes, events and so on. 

Explaining how the app works, Ragul says, "Consider that someone wants to conduct a blood donation drive at a locality in Chennai. They can't just ask anyone and everyone to come and donate blood. But if they had a list of people who are interested and eligible for it, they could just reach out to them." He adds, "While registering, users are asked about all their interests and if someone searches based on a particular interest, blood donation, in this case, they can find a number of people around them in an instant."  

Screenshot from the app | Pic: Ragul Ramachandran

The app contains over 50 different types of interests for people to choose from. From vlogging to cinematography, blood donation to music, there's something for everyone. "Through the app, we want to encourage local talent and help people discover them," says Ragul. The app, which is available on Android and iOS, contains a digital diary where people can update their achievements and experiences. "The profile can serve as a portfolio of sorts," explains the 25-year-old. Users can choose to add photos and Ragul and his six-member team are working on developing a video section as well. 

Ragul says the idea to develop Livathon came to him while he was doing a project during his MBA at Brunel University London. "We had to develop a start-up idea and I chose to develop a digital diary where youngsters could write about their thoughts and opinions, much like maintaining a journal," he says. After returning from London, Ragul decided to flesh out this idea and create Livathon, which was launched in December 2020. The app, which can also be accessed as a website from a desktop browser, has been live for over six months now with over 3,200 registered users already on it. 

To help with development, Ragul pitched his idea to Trident Solutions in Chennai as he didn't have much experience developing mobile applications. This was shortly after he patented his idea in December 2019. "Trident is our technology partner. We have developed the app so far with bootstrapped funding. But we are looking for investors and incubators now so that the app can be taken to the next level and made more exciting for users," says Ragul.

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