#ThrowBackToday: Charles Sturt, the explorer of Australia, was born in India 46 years ago today

In today's #TBT, we inform you about the British explorer Charles Sturt, who has cities, suburbs and even a university named after him in Australia today. These are his contributions to the continent
Charles Sturt | (Pic: Internet)
Charles Sturt | (Pic: Internet)

Why should you know about Charles Sturt? He is the British explorer behind discovering inland seas of South Australia. Especially ones like Macquarie, Bogan, Castlereagh rivers and Darling River plus is credited to bring them to public knowledge. What’s most interesting is that this British officer was born in India, more specifically in the Bengal Presidency, on April 28, 1795 though he was quickly dispatched off to Great Britain at the age of five so that he could pursue his education.

The strong belief held back in the day was that certain rivers flowed into an inland sea in Australia, but that was not the case and it was Sturt who proved the point. He proved that all the west-flowing rivers were headed to Murray river. What he did was uncover a few of Australia's mysteries and the country remembers him fondly today. There is a Charles Sturt University in New South Wales and there is a city and suburb named after him too. And the list goes on...

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