This portal by NIT Rourkela alums is trying to help COVID-hit migrant workers find jobs in cities

Called BharatWorks, the site has a repository of jobs posted by employers that are meant to help migrant workers land jobs before they decided to come back to cities post the lockdown
Migrant workers heading home | (Pic: Express)
Migrant workers heading home | (Pic: Express)

The goal of BharatWorks is ambitious, they want to find jobs for those migrant labourers who are now back in their hometowns. Though it's a mammoth task, they figured at least they can do their bit and then, who knows where it'll lead to? Hence, Sachin Sahu and Abhijeet Sahoo, both alums of NIT Rourkela, got together to create this portal. Yes, there are already many portals out there, but no, there is nothing exclusively for migrant labourers who are back in their hometown due to the lockdown.

Their homepage | (Pic: BharatWorks)

So the duo want to get on board employers with the right jobs and labourers who need them on and create a win-win situation. "There is no chance of them going back to the cities to work. So while they are in Odisha, they need jobs," explains Balangir-born Sachin and lists job roles like stitching, delivery and so on that are available via their website. And believe it or not, the duo spoke about a portal like this around May 30 and in 10 days flat, it was up and running. After all, a community of entrepreneurs, NGOs, communities and individual volunteers are behind this passion project.

If you are thinking what we are thinking, which is, how will the labourers even know about the portal, forget sign up on their own? To counter this, they have already gathered a team of 20 plus volunteers and a separate portal calling for registration of volunteers is underway. "The volunteers will help them in any which they can — from filling the basic form to responding to jobs," says Sachin who graduated as a Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering. They already have start-ups like Homvery, that offers home maintenance services, on board.

Sachin Sahu | (Pic: BharatWorks)

Now when it comes to getting the labourers on to the portal, they have two plans. Plan A is to collect data from labour associations which they are very hopeful about. Plan B is to try and get the information themselves. To ensure they are prepared for both eventualities, they have made sure to make the website as labour-friendly as possible. There is automatic basic CV generation for those who sign up, after which, the portal will also look for jobs as per the keywords used in the CV. And if the skills of the labourer match the requirement of the organisations, it'll be a match. Soon, the website will be available in Odia and Hindi too, informs the 23-year-old who has an offer letter from Samsung but his joining date has been pushed back. So, currently, he is participating in coding competitions and giving the rest of his time to the audacious goal that is Bharat Works.    

A few people who have contributed a lot to the platform are Prahallad Mittal, Abhijeet Bapu, Biswajeet, Priyansh, Preetam, Raj and Priyadarshi  

Job check on their portal:
- Estinno Energy is looking for electricians. It is a freelancing job at Parad
- Fastech Fashions is looking for unskilled labourers for logistics purposes. It is on a contract-bases in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack
- Homvery is looking for plumbers, those who repair ACs, laundrymen and more
- My360 is looking for those interested in data entry and those who would like to work as drivers or peons

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