This Delhi school is conducting happiness classes to help kids connect with parents during lockdown

With schools closed and students home bound, KIIT World School's 'happiness classes' are helping students deal with the new normal
Happiness Classes (Pics: KIIT World School)
Happiness Classes (Pics: KIIT World School)

The lockdown has indeed been a depressing period for everyone, but especially for the students who have had to sit at home for over three months. KIIT World School in Delhi, has considered this fact and has taken their 'happiness classes' online. Through it, they are not only involving the students but also their parents and even the teachers to help them effectively deal with the lockdown.

Principal of the school Dr Neelima Kamra said that they began conducting the classes in January and could only do it in the actual classrooms for only a couple of months before the lockdown forced them to go online. Speaking about how the classes began, Dr Neelima says, "Children had so much do before the lockdown — they were playing outside, meeting friends at school — which have completely stopped now. They are only spending time virtually. This is why we decided to take these classes online."

And what happens at this classes? "The classes begin with mindfulness breathing and simple meditation. The students are then told a story, which has relevance in the current scenario. Subjective questions are asked from the story. We want the students to share and express themselves and connect with their families better during this time," adds Dr Neelima.

The classes are conducted live on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet, depending on the number of students participating, says Dr Neelima. But it is not only about meditation and storytelling. There are several activities that students can take part in during the happiness classes - from cooking to dancing. And their parents are also involved in the process. "We did face some hesitation from the parents initially, but once they realised that they weren't being judged, they could open up more," says Dr Neelima, adding that parents-exclusive classes happen on Saturdays. Dr Neelima says that students' concentration levels improved and attendance is quite high at these classes. 

So how frequently do these classes take place? "We have reserved one day (Fridays) every week for all classes to participate, where the storytelling session is conducted. Activities related to the happiness classes are conducted every day, five minutes before the normal classes begin," says Dr Neelima, adding, "The activities have been designed according to the age groups. Parents and their children do yoga on Saturdays, conducted by our Physical Education teachers. Parents also take part in several challenges, including the recently held cooking competition."  

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