Why is the council trying to obstruct the pro-poor English Medium in Government Schools Bill, wonders AP's CM Jagan Mohan Reddy   

The English Medium in Government Schools Bill is the same bill which is going to make it mandatory for all government schools across Andhra Pradesh to use English as the medium of instruction 
AP's CM Jagan Mohan Reddy
AP's CM Jagan Mohan Reddy

Wondering why the Andhra Pradesh State Legislative Council was delaying a programme for the poor, AP's Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy expressed resentment that the council had rejected the Andra Pradesh Education Act 1/1982 (Amendment) Bill. This bill is meant to make English the medium of instruction mandatory in all the government schools in the state.  

But the English Medium in Government Schools Bill was passed once again by the State Legislative Assembly on Wednesday, that is January 22, 2020, the fourth day of the extended winter session, through a voice vote and sent to the Council. Even if the Council rejects it, the Bill is deemed to have been passed.

“In the last session, more than a month ago, the Bill was passed as a right to English medium education to the poor so that they can have a better future. The same was sent to the Council. Though it could not do anything, the Council rejected it suggesting some amendments. The Bill sans any amendments is being ratified by the Assembly today. Even if they obstruct it, the Bill will be deemed passed. Though they are aware of it, why did they obstruct the Bill? I am not understanding why they are delaying a programme meant to do justice to the poor,” he said.

Reiterating the government’s commitment to bring about a change in the education sector for a better future for the children from poor families in the State, Jagan said English medium education was being made as a right to the poor. “When Jagan mama is there for them, schoolchildren from poor families need not worry about their future,” he said.

The Chief Minister explained that people from SC, ST, BC, Minorities and poor from upper castes have been waiting for decades for the introduction of English Medium in government schools, so their children could get educated in English for free instead of spending exorbitant fees in private schools. Stating the primary schools were the foundation for students' education, he said for the very reason they were introducing English from primary schools, so that children would be ready for the global competition.

Later, Agriculture Minister K Kannababu moved the Bill sans amendments suggested by the Council and it was passed by voice vote. Earlier, members of the ruling party at length explained the advantages of the English medium. All of them found fault with the Council for rejecting the Bill.

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