Why Hyderabad's food start-up Shake Stories has such a tasty back story

Shake Stories opened their first store in Madhapur, Hyderabad and there has been no looking back ever since. Expansion is on the cards and they intend to go very far 
For their franchise model, an investment of Rs 3-4 lakh is required for a kiosk and Rs 7-8 lakh for an exclusive store | (Pic: Shake Stories)
For their franchise model, an investment of Rs 3-4 lakh is required for a kiosk and Rs 7-8 lakh for an exclusive store | (Pic: Shake Stories)

Jon Snow from Game of Thrones once threw a huge Thanksgiving party and invited one and all. The party was a huge success and as people started leaving, Jon realised that he has no gift to give them. Thankfully, he came across a huge box of Nestlé Munch and started giving away one to everyone. In return, the guests said, "Thank you very munch." And that's how one of Shake Stories' milkshake came to be known as Thank You Very Munch. Now the story might be fictional, but the delicious shake is definitely a reality which you can sip on in this sweltering heat at any of the 15 stores of Shake Stories, a franchise of stores which specialises in milkshakes. And every shake served at Shake Stories has a story behind it.

The brains behind it all: The trio who started the Hyderabad-based Shake Stories | (Pic: Shake Stories)

Started by Dileep Kumar Kandula (25), Sravan Surya (25) and Venkatesh Padarthi (27), from Eluru in West Godavari district a year ago with the vision to serve healthy, themed milkshakes and launch mind-boggling offers. "Our USP are our unique social media marketing techniques because we target every occasion possible. For example, for the IPL, we have a special shake named after every team like the Strawberry Raspberry Heatbuster for SRH and Rose Cherry Blast for RCB and so on," Dileep, who works as a software engineer at IBM says. So, their one year anniversary is coming up on May 20. What can we expect? "We are thinking of a few offers," he says and that's all we are able to get him to say. What is more exciting is that they not only just started a store in Rajahmundry, they are also going to launch a new one in their hometown, Eluru, very soon. They plan on expanding to Chennai and Bhubaneswar too.  

Take a peek: The interiors of one of Shake Stories' outlet | (Pic: Shake Stories)

Because Shake Stories works as a franchise model, the trio take great care to ensure that consistency in both taste and service is maintained across their stores. "Not only does our trainer train the new staff, a store manager visits each store every day," says Dileep who pursued his engineering from Sir C R Reddy College of Engineering, Eluru. Their focus is also the quality of ice creams they use and precision when it comes to following recipes. They have also introduced small eats like sandwiches, french fries and more to keep things running during offseason as well. On their menu, which starts from `49 and goes up to `200, has been priced keeping in mind students and their budget. Because there is a new milkshake outlet on every street in Hyderabad, they try to make sure that with every shake they offer, they shake up things in the food and beverage industry. 

Some interesting stories behind their shakes

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