#WhatTheFAQ: What made FIFA World Cup 2022 finals one of the most nail-biting matches? 

The captain of the Argentina team said that he is not retiring from international football after guiding his country to the World Cup this year in Qatar
Pic: EdexLive
Pic: EdexLive

The FIFA World Cup 2022 came to a glorious end yesterday, December 18, as Argentina lifted the World Cup trophy after beating France, the defending champions, 4-2 on penalties. The nail-biting match had everything that kept the fans at the edge of their seats with France scoring a goal via penalty in the 80th minute, two goals in two minutes by Kylian Mbappé to level France with Argentina, a dramatic draw with a score of 3-3 after extra time and so on.

In today’s FAQ, we untangle the web that FIFA World Cup 2022 has left us with.

What are some of the highlights of the match?
Argentina defeated France in possibly one of the most thrilling finals in the 92 years of the tournament’s history. The winning team won against their opponent and ended up in a 3-3 draw with two goals scored by none other than the playmaker of the match, Lionel Messi. Emiliano Martinez, Argentina's keeper saved Kingsley Coman's (French footballer who plays as a winger) penalty and Aurélien Djani Tchouaméni (French professional footballer) positioned wide of the formation, which gave Argentina their first world title since 1986, and third overall. 

France had come from two goals down to level over 90 minutes with Kylian Mbappé (French footballer) netting twice in just two minutes. The France striker completed his hat-trick in the 118th minute with another spot-kick after Argentina's Lionel Messi had scored a goal, without a lot of effort, by knocking the ball into the net from close range for a 3-2 lead in the 109th minute. Argentina had gone 2-0 up in the first half with Messi, making a record-breaking 26th World Cup appearance, converting a 23rd-minute penalty. 

Is this the end of Messi’s World Cup journey?
Lionel Messi has waited a long time, but after his record of 26 World Cup matches, the 35-year-old football player finally lifted the trophy, which was long awaited by him as well as his country. His game yesterday put Argentina ahead and he has now exceeded Lothar Matthäus, German footballer and former captain of West Germany, for the record of most FIFA World Cup matches played by a player. 

After the match on Sunday, the captain of the team in the blue and white jersey said that he is not retiring from international football. After guiding his country to the World Cup this year in Qatar, he made a stand that he will not be quitting football. As stated by several media reports, “Obviously, I wanted to complete my career with this, (I) can’t ask for more. Finishing my career this way is impressive. After this, what else? I have a Copa America, a World Cup. Almost at the very end. I love soccer, and what I do. I enjoy being part of the national team, and group. I want to enjoy a couple of more matches being a world champion,” Messi said, as stated in a report by Times of India.

Previously it was reported that the player was firm about this being his last World Cup, "Surely this is my last World Cup," he said previously, as stated by many media reports. 

What was Arengina’s journey this season?
Although Argentina was up to a rough start in their first match of the tournament against one of the lowest-ranked teams, Saudi Arabia, with an unexpected score of 2-1, they were the first team to enter the finals in the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022. The three-time World Cup winner (now) secured their place in the final by defeating Croatia, last year’s runner-up, with a score of 3-0 in the semi-final match on December 13. Until the semi-finals, the team scored twelve goals in six matches. After their first match against Saudi Arabia, Argentina bounced back by beating Mexico and Poland and quickly found their way to the top. 

How did the fans celebrate on Twitter?
The fans took it up to Twitter to celebrate the win of Argentina 

Farhan Kihamu Jr (@FKihamu): “Right handman who escorted LM10 to World Cup glory, Emi Martinez what a Goalie #FIFAWorldCup”

Sreedevi Devireddy (@DSreedevi): “Epic #FIFAWorldCup 2022!

Finally the touch that the #WorldCup deserved. 

Though based in in #Hyderabad, the celebrations are in full swing  

 at our Office 

#Messi #Argentina #sports #TeamSpirit”

Juri Thap (@JuriThap): “The best World Cup final ever. Argentina winner of WC 2022

#WC2022QATARw #JuriThap #FIFAWorldCup”

What are the reactions of celebrities on Twitter?
Several celebrities congratulated the winning team on Twitter

Sundar Pichai (@sundarpichai): “Search recorded its highest ever traffic in 25 years during the final of #FIFAWorldCup , it was like the entire world was searching about one thing!”

Rahul Gandhi (@RahulGandhi): “What a beautiful game! Congratulations to Argentina for a thrilling victory. Well played, France.

Both Messi & Mbappé played like true champions! #FIFAWorldCupFinal shows yet again how sports unites, sans boundaries!”

Chiranjeevi Konidela (@KChiruTweets): “Kudos to #Argentina & #LionelMessi on the spectacular World Cup Victory!!! Been in the making for 36 years! So well deserved!! Real tribute to the Legend #DiegoMaradona !! 

And #Mbappe what a historic, memorable hattrick!! Better luck next time France!!! #FIFAWorldCup.”

Henry Winter (@henrywinter): “Final morning run on the Corniche. Not the greatest World Cup ever. But that has to be the greatest final ever. Especially with Lionel Messi winning. The last dance was the best dance. #FIFAWorldCup #ARG #Messi”

Jonita (@jonitamusic): “Damn that game last night had me at the edge of my seat!!! Congrats to the most deserving #Messi and team Argentina!!! #family #FIFAWorldCup #ArgentinaVsFrance #WorldCupFinal”

JioCinema (@JioCinema): “This is NOT THE END of #Messi in #Argentina colours 

Will we see the #GOAT at the 2026 #FIFAWorldCup

#Qatar2022 #FIFAWorldCupFinal”

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