What the FAQ: What are some of the most bizarre theories on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's death?

Netaji was believed to have faked his death and lived secretly till he became old, said his followers. There are several other theories such as this
Pic: Edex Live
Pic: Edex Live

January 23 is celebrated as Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's birthday every year across the country. This year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi renamed the day as Parakram Diwas. Today we look at some of most bizarre theories surrounding the legendary leader's death that come up every now and then.

What is Parakram Divas and why is it celebrated January 23?

Ans: The Government of India has decided to celebrate Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's birth anniversary every year on January 23 as Parakram Diwas. This was decided by the Central government to inspire people of the country, especially the youth, to follow on the path of Bose's ideals.

Why has Netaji's demise always been a disputed subject?

Ans: The legendary leader's demise, however, still remains a mystery and theories come up almost until recently that Netaji had faked his death to work secretly in some other country.

Today, we look at some of these death theories about the legendary legendary leader that have resurfaced over the years and been a topic of curiosity around the world.

What are the most bizarre theories about Bose's death?

Ans: Here they are:

- The universally known story of his death was that he died in a plane crash on August 18, 1945 in Taihoku (present day Taiwan). However, his followers refused to believe this story and instead said that he survived the plane crash and lived in secret with a different identity until he grew old.

- One of the other bizarre theories about his death claimed that the plane crash was a decoy by the Japanese to help Bose escape to the former Soviet Union. This theory had been proposed by Retd Major Gen GD Bakshi in his book, Bose: The Indian Samurai – Netaji and the INA Military Assessment. In his book, the retired general stated that Netaji set up a Azad Hind Government embassy in Russia, he also successfully made three radio broadcasts from Siberia which gave away his location to the British. It is after this that the British interrogated Netaji and thus tortured him to death, alleges the retired general.

- Several theories doing their rounds during the 50s and 60s claimed that Bose became a Sadhu to lead a simple life and hide his identity. One of the weirdest theories alleged that he practised herbal medicine and also set up the Shaulmari Ashram in 1959. To counter this theory, the real sadhu of Shaulmari forever denied he was Netaji until he died in 1977.

- Several reports through the years claimed that there was a monk named Gumnami Baba living at an ashram in Uttar Pradesh, believed to be Netaji. People living there also claimed that the Baba never showed his face and tried to avoid the public. He died on the night of September 16, 1985 there. A recent movie also explores this theory of Netaji's demise.

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