Procrastination!(Pic: EdexLive Desk)

Procrastination: Understanding what it is and why we do it?

How about we understand procrastination a little better? So that we can conquer it?

Procrastination, the art of delaying tasks, is a common challenge that many individuals grapple with, often resulting in a last-minute frenzy or unfinished work. This emotional obstacle can be attributed to various factors such as resistance to change, fear of failure, peer pressure, lack of focus, and the demanding perfectionism that affects certain people.

To dig deeper into the ubiquity  of procrastination, a survey conducted by UK-based Micro Biz Mag in January 2020 reveals striking insights. Among the 1,000 participants, a staggering 84% confessed to wrestling with procrastination, while a mere 15.6% claimed to have never  faced it. The survey further reveals: 

- 14.4% admit to procrastinating rarely

- 27.4% occasionally

- 22.1% frequently

- 20.5% procrastinate daily

Thus, one in every five people is affected by procrastination every day. Additionally, studies have also found the prevalence of procrastination among salaried workers, revealing that a striking 80% procrastinate for 1-4 hours daily. Therefore, if you find yourself postponing crucial tasks, you are far from alone.

Now, linking procrastination with the forgetting curve, shows how the two together became a major obstacle in a learner’s growth. Referring to the previous edition, the forgetting curve, a psychological phenomenon charting the decline of memory retention over time, intersects with procrastination creating a formidable challenge to productivity.

However, being aware of them can help overcome the issues to enable optimal performance.