LEAKED FUTURES: "If youth lose faith in the system, it'll be a great tragedy for the country," says NEET UG aspirant

Ridhima Rao gave the NEET UG and it pains her heart to see what has come of it. She is just one of the many aspirants whose future seems uncertain
Ridhima Rao
Ridhima Rao(Pic: EdexLive Desk + Ridhima Rao)

Exams and irregularities have become synonymous with each other in this country nowadays, especially when the National Testing Agency (NTA) is added to the mix.

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test - Undergraduate (NEET-UG), University Grants Commission - National Eligibility Test (UGC-NET), NEET Postgraduate (PG) — whether NTA conducts them or not, every exam is under the scanner now.

Not to forget the protests students and aspirants are resorting to so that they can make their disappointment known and their demands for justice are heard.

"Instead of celebrating their success in the NEET-UG, students are protesting on the streets under scorching heat, with a few places reporting tragic incidents," shares Ridhima Rao, a NEET 2024 candidate, and adds, "The officials who covered up the evidence of paper leaks are to blame for these distressing situations."

The Behror-based aspiring doctor recallects how, June 4 came as a shocker to students because right in the evening of the day dedicated to Lok Sabha results announcement, the results of NEET UG were announced. "NTA announced the results ten days earlier than the scheduled date, perhaps hoping to bury their misdeeds in the media coverage of the general election results," says Ridhima.

However, their plans failed, she points out.

"Both social media and mainstream media are now loudly proclaiming a major scam in this exam. Students are demanding the cancellation and re-conduction of NEET," says Ridhima who scored 648 in the exam.

Poignantly, Ridhima says, "We, the students, are compelled to seek justice on the streets, and if we don't get it, we will lose faith in the country's judicial system."

In conclusion, she adds, "It's disheartening that Indian society seems to have lost the ability to hear the cries of its children and understand their pain. If the youth lose faith in the system, it will be a great tragedy for the country."

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