From hospital wards to India tour: The inspiring journey of Dr Aditya Sirsa who sang Chaand Baaliyan

The mastermind behind the song Chaand Baaliyan, Dr Aditya Sirsa, shares his inspirational journey
Dr Aditya Sirsa
Dr Aditya Sirsa(Pic: Sourced)

Chaand Baaliyan, the song initially launched in 2020 gained traction in 2022, when it went viral on Instagram reels. It was that recognition which felt like a dream come true.

"What the universe has in store for you always supersedes what you plan for yourself," Dr Aditya Sirsa muses, reflecting on his extraordinary journey from a small town to becoming a celebrated doctor and musician.

Born in Punjab and raised in Haryana, Dr Sirsa's path to medicine seemed almost predestined, coming from a lineage of medical professionals. His academic pursuits led him to the University College of Medical Sciences (UCMS) in New Delhi for his undergraduate (UG) studies and later to Lady Hardinge Medical College for his postgraduate (PG) specialisation in Pathology.

It was during his undergraduate days that Dr Sirsa's passion for music blossomed. He picked up a guitar and, in doing so, found a new dimension of self-expression and connection.

"Music just happened to me," he recalls, describing how he balanced his rigorous medical studies with his newfound love for music.

This balance continued throughout his postgraduate years, a period marked by the dual satisfaction of mastering medical diagnoses and indulging in musical creativity.

Here comes the song...

Among his compositions, one song that stands out is — Chaand Baaliyan.

Dr Sirsa recounts how this song, composed during one of his evening musical sessions, unexpectedly transformed his life. Initially released in 2020, the song didn’t gain significant traction until 2022, when it went viral on Instagram reels.

"It was surreal," he says, reminiscing about the flood of calls from music labels and the joy of seeing celebrities share his song. The recognition felt like a dream come true, an affirmation of his dual talents.

A pivotal moment in his musical journey came during a 2022 concert in Lucknow.

"The power of music hit me at its very core," he describes, eyes lighting up at the memory of thousands of fans singing along with him. The energy, the vibrations, the tuning, and the frequency of that night remain etched in his mind as one of his fondest memories.

Dettach to excel

Through his journey, Dr Sirsa has learned the importance of detachment in art.

"The best way to improve your art is to detach yourself from it," he advises. He believes that by not being overly ambitious or concerned about how his work is perceived, he can enhance it more authentically and find greater peace.

To those standing on the brink of their passions, Dr Sirsa offers a piece of heartfelt advice: "Trust your intuition, take that leap of faith, and keep striving towards your real potential. Positivity is always reciprocated."

In a world where the demands of a medical career often overshadow personal pursuits, Dr Aditya Sirsa’s story is a beacon of inspiration. His journey underscores the harmonious coexistence of professional dedication and personal passion, proving that with faith and effort, the plans of the universe can indeed surpass our own.

(This article was curated by the content and digital team at Humans of Medicare: Varuni Vats, Ria Maheshwari, and Siddhant Kashyap)

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