Why we need more mental health professionals: Discussing job opportunities for psychology students

More than 400 participants registered and attended the programme via Google Meet Hangout ad Facebook Live
Experts say the current syllabus is rote and lacks a
Experts say the current syllabus is rote and lacks a

Arunachal Pradesh's Rajiv Gandhi University, Department of Psychology conducted a national webinar on ‘Career Prospects in Psychology’ to talk about the options available to students in the times of the pandemic that has affected millions across the world.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Dr Amitava Mitra in his address stressed on the significance of demand and supply to be substantial in order to fulfil the needs of a fruitful society, in lieu of which he emphasised on the need of university students to have the required skills and qualifications to meet the increasing needs of the people of the state with limited availability of mental health professionals in the state.

Registrar Dr Tomo Riba spoke on the detrimental affairs of mental health in the state which has multiplied in the current times due to the pandemic. Raising concerns over the silent sufferers of the state, he suggested the introduction of an inclusive society propagating more awareness, education and counselling to normalise the scenario, especially with regard to the increase in cases reported under drug abuse.

In the first technical session, Dr Madhumita Bhattacharya, Clinical Psychologist of Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi, spoke on ‘Career Perspectives in Psychology: A Journey worth travelling in Clinical Psychology.’  She elaborated on the core concepts of clinical psychology and its scope and particular lessons learnt from therapies.

The second technical talk was delivered by Shruti Chhabra, an Organisational Psychologist and HR Consultant in Saina Human Capital Advisory Services, New Delhi on the topic ‘scope of Organisational Psychology in India.’ She shared key insights to be noted as an intern in addition to specific skills and competencies desired by the recruiters with the ethics to be propagated by being true to oneself throughout. 

The third and the final technical session was delivered by Mridu Sharma, Sports Psychologist and Founder Director, Breathe.EHC, on ‘Sports Psychology: Comprehensive Evidence-Based Performance Consulting.’ She deliberated on the significance of sports Psychology as a subfield as quoted many times by numerous notable sports which have proved beneficial in performing and winning, in addition to enlightening students with the scope in India and abroad.

Each session ended with a Q&A round from the participants to the Resource Persons. Four participants representing different zones of the country also shared their overall experience and learning of the national webinar. Sharing their experiences, participants expressed their views and found this webinar extremely informative and educational.

Toko Rika, Co-ordinator of the webinar conveyed his message on behalf of Psychosocial Support Group, Arunachal Pradesh, expressing his gratitude to Rajiv Gandhi University and Dept. of Psychology for the support and constant motivation. He also briefly described the purpose of the said group and stated that the members of the Psychosocial Support Group, AP, have taken the responsibility of taking Psychology forward and volunteered to provide social service in the context of mental health and propagate the importance of mental health which will benefit the society at large. More than 400 participants registered and attended the programme via Google Meet Hangout and Facebook Live. The webinar was organised by Department of Psychology, RGU in collaboration with Psychosocial Support Group, Arunachal Pradesh.

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