Hindu College launches skill training in fragrance formulations for wellness products for 30 Manipur women

The training program, meticulously designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, includes Special Lecture Sessions on the Introductory Aspects Related to Fragrances
Aromatic experience
Aromatic experience (Pic: EdexLive Desk)

How does a Skill Training Programme in Fragrance Formulations for Wellness Products smell? Umm... we mean sound? Fantastic, right!

Delhi University's Hindu College announced the launch of this very three-week training programme and here's what it is all about.

With an apt blend of theory, special lectures and hands-on training sessions including industry visits and excursions, this course is particularly aimed at empowering 30 women hailing from Manipur with knowledge of specialised skills in the fragrance industry.

This skill training programme has been initiated by the Government of Manipur, organised by Hindu College and is in partnership with Ultra International and Council of Scientific and Industrial Research - Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CSIR- CIMAP), Lucknow.

"By delving into the intricacies of fragrance formulation, participants gain theoretical insights and practical expertise, preparing them to tap into the burgeoning market for wellness and self-care products," the press release announcing the skill training programme.

Principal of Hindu College, Prof Anju Srivastava, said, "Because of its soil and climate dynamics, Manipur has a floral treasure with flowers such as Siroi Lily, Peace Lily, Purple Rice, False Christmas, Wax Mallow, and Dendrobium Noble, which have a lot of potential for the fragrance industry start-ups."

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