HEXDOC is a robot developed by LPU students which can help victims of blockades, collisions & mining hazards

With the need to safeguard workers from unforeseen blockades and collisions, HEXDOC emerges as a powerful and innovative solution
The victorious robot
The victorious robot (Pic: LPU)

Have you heard of HEXDOC? It is an innovative robot that can put an end to the issues related to collisions and accidents during construction and excavation processes, especially in tunnels and caves.

This was developed by students of Lovely Professional University (LPU), according to a press release from the institute. 

It not only was declared the winner in the Yukti Innovation Challenge 3.0, it has also successfully secured Rs 5 lakh funding from the Ministry of Education and participated in the Smart India Hackathon 2023.

Meet the team:

- Mohammad Furkan

- R Bhanu Mahesh

- B Naga Vamsi Reddy

- Sharish Chandra

- C Venkata Sunil

The robot, HEXDOC, needs an area of one foot by one foot to pass through any blockages.

It maps and analysis the surroundings and suggests paths for rescue team to reach the victims. It's sensing unit, divided into environment and victim, is advanced. For the environment, the robot has LiDAR, a camera and different sensors and a MAX 3012 heart rate sensor to check the victim's condition.

How can it help?

- By enhancing search and rescue efficiency 

- Acess to unsafe areas

- Minimise human risk

- Real-time data and communication 

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