Tripura: Women's College students organise awareness campaign against tobacco consumption

The Member States of the World Health Organization (WHO) designated May 31 as World No Tobacco Day in 1987, to draw attention to the global tobacco epidemic, and the preventable death and disease it causes
Here's what they did
Here's what they did (Pic: EdexLive Desk)

To raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco consumption, students from the Women's College, under the aegis of their National Service Scheme (NSS) unit, organised an awareness campaign titled Fight Against Tobacco. This initiative, held in Rajbari, saw enthusiastic participation from both students and area residents.

The campaign was aimed at educating the community about the severe health risks associated with tobacco use, including lung cancer, heart disease, and various other respiratory conditions.

The NSS volunteers, equipped with informative pamphlets and posters, engaged in one-on-one interactions with the residents, discussing the ill effects of smoking and chewing tobacco.

In addition to the distribution of educational materials, the students also conducted a series of street plays and skits to visually and dramatically highlight the consequences of tobacco addiction.

These performances drew considerable attention and were highly effective in engagingly conveying the message.

The programme also featured talks by health experts and former tobacco users who shared their personal stories of struggle and recovery, emphasising the importance of quitting tobacco for a healthier life. These testimonials served as powerful motivators for those contemplating giving up the habit.

The event concluded with a pledge-taking ceremony where participants vowed to abstain from tobacco use and spread awareness about its dangers within their communities.

The success of this campaign has set a positive precedent, encouraging other educational institutions to undertake similar initiatives.

It is noteworthy that on this World No Tobacco Day, youth across the world called for the tobacco industry to stop targeting them with products that are harmful to their health.

The young people also called on governments to adopt policies to protect them from these manipulative practices, including relentless marketing of harmful products.

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