JNU: Movement for student union elections goes on; JNUSU calls for Postcard Campaign 

JNUSU appealed to students to assemble at the SL-SIS Lawns tomorrow and issue postcards with their demands to the Visitor of the University, that is, the President of India
Pic Credit: EdexLive
Pic Credit: EdexLive

In continuation of their protest against the administration, the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union (JNUSU) has called for a Postcard Campaign at 11 am tomorrow, January 18. 

The JNUSU has been demanding the immediate conduction of the JNUSU elections (which have not been held since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic), resolution of water shortage and other infrastructural issues in the hostels, and the revocation of all proctorial inquiries on students and student leaders since last year.   

As part of the campaign, the JNUSU has called for the student community of JNU to gather at the SL-SIS Lawns tomorrow, January 18, and issue postcards to the Visitor of the University, who happens to be the President of India. 

The JNUSU announced this campaign on the heels of their Gherao DoS campaign, where the students and student leaders held a protest in front of the office of the Dean of Students today, January 17, against the delay in conducting the student union elections. 

Further, the JNUSU also appealed to the students to not cooperate with the administration unless the dates of the elections are declared.  

As mentioned earlier, the JNUSU also protested against the water shortage issue in the hostels and the proctorial inquiries against student leaders. In addition, the students demanded the revocation of the new Chief Proctor’s Office (CPO) Manual, which prescribes harsh punishments for a wide range of political activities – including a fine of Rs 20,000 for protesting in “prohibited areas on campus”. In addition, students also demanded the opening of the new Barak Hostel and the release of the hostel and single-seater list. 

At the protest today, the administration shared an update on the status of the hostel lists and informed that the lists would be released by the end of January. 

In the meanwhile, PTI reported the VC saying that the current JNUSU has been “nullified” on grounds that JNU does not have an officially notified students union as the matter is subjudice.

Previous attempts

On January 15, a delegation also met with university officials including the rector, DoS and chief proctor to discuss the issue. However, the JNUSU revealed that despite multiple appeals, Vice-Chancellor Prof Santishree Dhulipudi Pandit did not meet the students. 

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