IITs: Job placements at all time low; several students remain unplaced after first phase

According to Dheeraj Singh, Founder of Global IIT Alumni Support Group, around 30 to 40 per cent of IIT students are still unplaced in the top-ranked older IITs, and around 50 to 60 per cent of students are still unplaced in the newer IITs
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According to data compiled by the Global IIT Alumni Support Group, around 35-40 per cent of students at the top campuses of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) have not received any placement offers after the conclusion of the first phase of placement, according to an ANI report. 

The information disclosed in the IIT placement data shared by Dheeraj Singh, an alumnus of the institute and Founder of the Global IIT Alumni Support Group also mentioned that the employment situation at newer IITs such as IIT Indore, IIT Patna, and IIT, Bhilai is comparatively poor, where a significant number of students remain unplaced.

Poor job placement scenarios?

As per the data compiled, around 30 to 40 per cent of IIT students are still unplaced in the top-ranked older IITs, and around 50 to 60 per cent of students are still unplaced in the newer IITs.

Dheeraj Singh further added, "These large numbers of unplaced students are dealing with a high level of stress and anxiety staring at bleak future prospects due to poor job placement scenarios in their colleges as reported by 40 percent of the students in our emotional health survey we recently undertook."

Singh further remarked that the salaries offered by the recruiting companies have dipped substantially from crore plus packages in phase one to barely Rs 3-4 lakh per annum currently. He brings out the paradox in the situation where the country is producing billionaires, but students are unable to bag jobs with salaries befitting their position.

What does the data say?
At IIT Madras, which holds the top rank among Indian colleges, 900 students from the renowned institute are still awaiting placement opportunities, Dheeraj told ANI.

At IIT Delhi which is ranked second nationally, approximately 900 students out of a total of 2,000 registered candidates are still awaiting job offers. Likewise, at IIT Bombay ranked third, a significant 46 per cent of students, totaling 1,100 individuals, are yet to secure placements out of 2,400 registered students. This scenario is similar across other prestigious IITs too.

"This is a very disheartening state of affairs for the top young talents of our country, IITs should help unplaced students in finding a job. This is a serious matter considering large number of IIT student suicides in the recent past. Clearly, our economy is not producing enough jobs for youth and we are heading towards greater unemployment and economic inequality which is a worrisome trend," Dheeraj Singh said.

According to ANI, at IIT Kanpur, around 500 students are still in search of job opportunities, while at IIT Kharagpur, an astonishing 52 per cent of students, amounting to 1,385 individuals, are awaiting placement, according to data provided by Dheeraj Singh.

Even the newer IITs are facing challenges with high rates of unplaced students. IIT Indore, IIT Patna, and IIT Bhilai, are observing 49 per cent, 41 per cent, and 63 per cent of their students remaining unplaced, respectively.

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