Here's why this Tyre Park in Kanpur is not something one will get 'tired' of anytime soon

Started with a small budget and with barely any encouragement, a new entrepreneur makes it big. Kanpur Nagar Nigam collaborates to make this happen 
A lion statue made of used tyres. (Pic credits: IIT Kanpur)
A lion statue made of used tyres. (Pic credits: IIT Kanpur)

Sustainability is the new face of everything, isn't it? From daily consumable products to everything else, everyone is thinking out-of-the box to save the Earth and prevent harming the environment any further than we already have. 

Here is one such entrepreneur, Vaishali Biyani, Founder of De'Dzines, a company that works with one main notion — repurposing old, used and burnt tyres. The company was established in 2018 and later, it was incubated with IIT Kanpur. One of the results of this partnership is the newly-inaugurated Tyre Park! And now, all the lanes in Kanpur lead to this enclosure which occupies approximately 1000 square yards in one of the most famous and oldest parks of the city, Kargil Park.

The main purpose behind this initiative, as Vaishali states, is that, "According to research, 60 per cent of used tyres are degraded while what is happening with the remaining 40 per cent is not known to anyone." And the black smoke released from the burning? It's extremely harmful, emitting the highest amount of polymers, she adds. Imagine the plight of locals living in those areas! In response to this exclamation, she says that the lifespan of citizens living in those areas is very less due to the release of harmful substances, which also is one of the reasons why this project was initiated. 

Discussing the details of the arena further, Vaishali mentioned that, "Almost 2 to 2.5 tonnes of tyres were utilised for constructing animal installations of 11 to 12 feet height, four to five swings, a couple of benches and many planters." 

The former Municipal Commissioner, Akshay Tripathi, who is now Vice-Chairman (VC) of the Lucknow Development Authority (LDA), was of great help when it comes to collaborating with Kanpur Nagar Nigam and building a unique and special enclosure with figurines from the animal kingdom, claims Vaishali. Who else supported the project? It was Division Commissioner Dr Rajasekhar. Additionally, current Municipal Commissioner, Shivasharanappa G N, Vaishali's husband, alumnus of IIT Kanpur, Rahul Biyani and second director of De’Dzines, Ankur Mehrotra were strong pillars of support.

She recollects how the professors and faculty members were always encouraging when it comes to this idea. And now, she feels content and excited to take up new projects.

When questioned about the response of the public, Vaishali, who is on cloud nine, shares, "Sculptures came out so well! It was a wonder." The public from the big lanes of Kanpur are rushing to the park to enjoy the visual treat that this unique enclosure, which also has trees, monkeys and other elements made of tyres, offers, she adds.  

Although tyres are re-used, there will certainly be waste which is produced. So, what about that? Well, it is actually with the waste that was leftover after making furniture that these sculptures were produced. Till there is work on hand, no amount of waste is unused. If not, the waste has to be sold, she adds. 

Speaking of her products, the entrepreneur delightfully shares, "Our products such as sculptures, laptop bags, purses are being exported to South Africa and our furniture has reached Germany."  

Now that this project is in the limelight, Vaishali is super excited and enthusiastic for her upcoming projects as well — Nana Rao Park, IIT Kanpur campus recreation and Janeshwar Mishra Park.

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