IndigoLearn puts the joy back in learning CA through their animated story-like lessons

"Good teachers help you visualise the whole concept, which is the most important aspect of teaching because it helps people understand better. This is what we try to do," opines Sriram Somayajula
Screenshot from their videos | (Pic: IndigoLearn)
Screenshot from their videos | (Pic: IndigoLearn)

If we introduce IndigoLearn as an online learning platform, you might just think to yourself, 'Here comes another one!'. But let me tell you why there is so much to be smitten with regarding this platform. First off, instead of having a finger in every pie, they have decided to focus on Chartered Accountant courses alone. So, the 850+ hours worth of content they have caters to subjects like Accounting and Finance. They have already covered CA Foundation and have started with CA Intermediate and in the next year and a half, their aim is to cover CA Final as well. How's that for a start?

They also have an app available on both Android and iOS

Speaking of starting, Sriram Somayajula, Co-Founder and CEO of IndigoLearn and former GM Treasury of Coromandel International, got together with fellow 'cool accountants' (as they like to call themselves) All India Topper CA Suraj Lakhotia, hard core techie Sarat Velumuri and CA Sathya Raghu (who has over eight years of experience in teaching) to started IndigoLearn in April 2017 as an alternative to assembly-line lessons taught at coaching centres. "Everyone just wants to know what the important questions are and which ones appeared in the last five papers. We wanted to move people out of this examination-mode and bring about a love for learning the profession," says Sriram. So they brought back the joy of learning to CA, which is unanimously considered as tedious and dull, by introducing storytelling into it. 

All founders | (Pic: IndigoLearn)

Taking up a concept, creating a story around it, exploring the various facets of the concept through it and concluding it with a quiz or a game, that's how they do it. And, of course, with the help of a lot of animation done by Thunder Studios, Hyderabad, who have been credited for working on blockbusters like Avatar and Baahubali. Imagine learning auditing via a story about planning a trip to Goa! "So, we left our full-time jobs, started offering modules for as less as `49 and, for the last six months, we have been breaking even," says Sriram, who was born and brought up in Hyderabad, and informs that they have an 80 per cent faculty rejection rate, "Because we are very particular about getting onboard experts only." No wonder they have 40,000 registered students who have seen the value in their content. What's more? They are doubling their subscriber base every six months.

A screenshot from normal and abnormal loss | (Pic: IndigoLearn)

Accounting for class XII CBSE students, and teaching CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and other prestigious certifications — there is a lot that the founders intend to do and yet, they always want to dwell in the fields of Accounting and Finance. Because this has now become their forte.

Storytelling at its best

Normal and Abnormal Loss

Suppose it is your job to check the litres of milk that have been dispatched from the village to your factory. Now, five per cent is considered normal loss. So let's assume your output is 100 but your missing 10 litres one day. That's an abnormal loss

Standard on Auditing

Suppose you are planning a trip to Goa, you split the responsibilities of finding a place to stay, must-visit places and so on. Then, you plan the budget and so on

Income Tax

If, as a company, you need to offer rent-free accommodation to an employee, then how is taxation done? What if they ask for a card, credit card and so on? Since he is an MD, you give it to him. But how is tax done on all of it?

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