Parul University students get start-up grant to innovate cure for socio-economic challenges of COVID-19

The Student Open Innovation Challenge SOIC is an initiative under the Student Start-up and Innovation Policy which seeks to develop a platform for promoting highly innovative ideas in academia
Pic: Parul University
Pic: Parul University

Parul University’s 21 Teams Receives Grant of 10.18 lakhs from Student Open Innovation Challenge by Student Start-up and Innovation Policy (SSIP) and GTU Innovation and Start-up Center under SSIP for making use of entrepreneurship to innovative a cure for the socio-economic challenges of COVID-19.

With the challenges presented by COVID-19 continuously mutating, the students of city-based Parul University have been constantly innovating. The University has been pushing forward an intense entrepreneurship and innovation agenda, all in the efforts of providing practical solutions to the problems presented by COVID-19. In recognition of their efforts numerous student and faculty teams from the University have received start-up grants under the Student Open Innovation Challenge (SOIC) by SSIP, Government of Gujarat, entrepreneurship initiatives. In the recent COVID-19 start-up challenge presented by SOIC, 15 Students teams of the University received grants out of a total of 36 shortlisted students from Universities around the State. The winners were declared in recognition of their ability to develop and innovate ideas which have the highest form of utility towards alleviating the challenges presented by this pandemic.

The Student Open Innovation Challenge SOIC is an initiative under the Student Start-up and Innovation Policy which seeks to develop a platform for promoting highly innovative ideas in academia. Further extending this entrepreneurial initiative, SOIC created a stream of various challenges centred on providing the solutions to COVID-19 issues. From the generic category of these challenges, 26 teams of Parul University were selected for a grant of 19.64,000 lakhs as a result of the various start-up initiatives which they developed. The projects proposed by the students were within the numerous fields of Pharmacy, Ayurveda, Engineering amongst others.

Under the COVID-19 category of the same SOIC challenge, another total of 15 teams from the University won grants of up to 6.72.000 lakhs. The challenge was specifically designed to look into the various areas which are related to COVID-19, and how in all the impacted sectors, which possible solutions can be devised for the betterment of the society. The students of Parul University displayed great prowess in their ability to not only meet the requirements of the challenge but also go on to cater to the needs of the people in the society. The grants received will now be taking these projects for further development and to bring them into a real-world application for the betterment of the society. The projects presented by the University’s teams were ranging in the numerous sectors of academics including pharmacy, engineering, applied sciences, medical and paramedical and also others in the Ayush sector.

In addition to this, another total of six teams from Parul University had their start-up ideas selected for further development under the GIC-SSIP challenge. The teams of students and mentors received a total of Rs. 3,46,000 lakhs grant,  for COVID GTU Innovation and Start-Up centre so that they can further develop their ideas into practical business ventures. “We have been continuously making efforts to create an atmosphere of innovation amongst our students even in a time when they are learning from home. As the entrepreneurship development cell of Parul University,  we have been motivating and nurturing our students in line with the effective strategy required to turn their innovative ideas into practical realities”, said Jay Sudani the University’s Entrepreneurship Development Cell, Chief Executive Officer(CEO). 

In this distance learning era, the University has been constantly pushing towards exposing the students to more practical methods of learning, through research projects and through entrepreneurship ideas. This teaching and learning approach has been directed towards ensuring that the students get an exposure to the much needed practical experience which has been missing as a result of school closures imposed by governments around the world. “ The challenges which are surrounding us today in the various social, economic and political spheres of life, have been more than evident. As Parul University, we strongly adhere to the belief that the academic field has a key role to play in regards to ensuring that we get to have effective solutions to meet the challenges of COVID-19. It brings me great pride to see our students and their faculty mentors going the extra mile and taking the extra step to make use of innovation for academic progression and for the society”, said the University’s President Dr Devanshu J Patel.

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