Check out the best tricks on the block to ace GATE 2019

Try this C4 technique while preparing for the GATE 2019. A robust and intelligent preparation is the key to success
Image for representational purpose only (Pic: Express)
Image for representational purpose only (Pic: Express)

GATE 2019 will be conducted by IIT Madras on February 2, 3, 9 and 10, 2019. To ace your exams, try the C4 technique — concepts, confidence, command and the creation of useful shortcuts. 

C1- Core concepts: Until your what, why and hows are not clarified there will be loopholes in your preparation. You fill those gaps and you are halfway there.

C2 – Confidence: The second-most important mantra to ace the preparation is to revisit these concepts for a certain number of times. This will enhance your confidence to get to the right answers for any of the questions of any of the concepts.

C3 – Command: To get a better grasp of the concepts, you must practice more. Solve problems from several sources. Consider more than one method to solve a particular problem.

C4 – Creating shortcuts: While preparing for the test, shortcuts can prove to be extremely time-saving for you. Particularly while revising. Shortcuts are the way to go for revising.

The next issue is to find the books you plan to prepare from. You simply need to grasp the right books for GATE 2019 preparation. For this, land your hands on the books dealing in the fundamental and basic concepts. Moreover, you can also consider some books that will assist you in mastering some particular chapters. 

Most of the top GATE scorers, instead of making efforts for covering each and every topic of the GATE syllabus, devoted most of their time for strengthening the topics in which they were already better. They paid attention to making such areas as strong as possible. Perfecting certain essential entities of the syllabus is more productive than preparing in a mediocre manner for all its counterparts.

A month or two before the exam is the time to get in the rigorous practice mode. It's time to sincerely occupy yourself with the revision of all the learned concepts and practicing of problems, greater both in quality and quantity. And if you’ve practiced well, you will naturally feel the peace of mind. Also, you will be more confident regarding the exam. The closer you are to the D-day, the stronger you must feel these two sentiments. Presence of these is a sign of good preparation for the exam, on your part.

Try solving the easier ones first. It is the best thing to do when performing under stress that of an exam. It will greatly help in boosting up your confidence for the tougher counterparts. It will make you mentally well-prepared for tackling the tougher problems as it will demarcate a line of separation between the easier and the tougher problems. This will lead you to better management of the exam, on the whole.

All said and done, the pattern might change, so follow these tips and be rigorous with you prep.

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