Kyrgyzstan: Several Indian medical students reportedly injured in mob attack

As per the Indian students studying there, the locals forcibly entered residences and hostels, grievously injuring the Indian students
Attack on Indian students in Kyrgyzstan
Attack on Indian students in Kyrgyzstan(Source:

On Friday, May 17, Indian students studying in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan witnessed terror as the angered locals launched a manhunt against foreigners, especially the Egyptian, Pakistani, and Indian national students studying at the capital city.

Visuals circulating on social media show violence that was unleashed on students. Although their identity was uncertain, Indian students studying medicine in Bishkek informed EdexLive that there are no reports of deaths of Indian students, however, it has been reported that a few students were allegedly caught in a mob attack, and are said to have been brutally injured.

A student, under condition of anonymity, informed EdexLive that the chain of events first began on May 13 when there was a tussle between the Egyptian students and the locals, The cause of it is unknown.

After the incident, which had presumably angered the locals, who then decided to launch a manhunt for the foreigners. The visuals depicted how the locals gathered in groups at locations where the foreign population was high, and then forcibly entered residences and hostels. "They beat students up gravely, even deaths of Pakistani students have been reported," informed another student to EdexLive. "Although there are no deaths of Indian students reported, it is known that students have been beaten up very badly," he further added.

The Indian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan and the External Affairs Minister, Dr S Jaishankar, via the social media platform X, tweeted on May 18, that the situation is presently under control, yet the students are advised to stay indoors, for their safety.

The Indian embassy tweeted through their handle India in Kyrgyz Republic (@IndiaInKyrgyz) that they are in touch with the students and in case of any issue, the students are to contact them.

"We are in touch with our students. The situation is presently calm but students are advised to stay indoors for the moment and get in touch with the Embassy in case of any issue. Our 24×7 contact number is  0555710041."

- (@IndiaInKyrgyz)

Dr Apurva who is the National Convenor of the All Indian Medical Students' Association - Foreign Medical Students' Wing (AIMSA-FMSW), told EdexLive that students were attacked yesterday night by the locals, but after a few tumultuous hours, the Indian embassy ensured the safety of the students studying there, lending help to the ones embroiled in the attack. 

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