NEET UG re-test: Why did only 52% appear? Here are attendance percentages from all exam centres

In an informal briefing, education ministry sources said that education had been “unbundled,” with exam coaching centres now at the forefront, driven by parents’ commitment to their children’s success
Why?(Pic: EdexLive Desk)

The NEET-UG re-examination for 2024, conducted on Sunday, June 23, across seven test centres in Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Meghalaya, and Chandigarh (UT), saw nearly half of the eligible candidates as no-shows.

Of the 1,563 candidates eligible to appear, only 813 (52%) attended, while 750 (48%) were absent.

The re-exam saw varied attendance rates across different states and centres. Let's look at the numbers:

- Gujarat recorded the highest attendance at 100%. Surat had one eligible candidate who attended, achieving a 100% attendance rate.

- Chandigarh had the lowest at 0%. In Chandigarh (UT), none of the two eligible candidates appeared

- In Chhattisgarh, of the 602 eligible candidates, 291 (48.34%) appeared

- In Jhajjar, Haryana, DAV Police Public School and Kendriya Vidyalaya saw 287 out of 494 (58.09%) eligible candidates attend

- In Meghalaya, 234 out of 464 (50.43%) eligible candidates appeared for the exam.

More assurances...

Ministry officials have also assured that the NTA website and its other portals are fully secure, dismissing claims of hacking or compromise.

The education ministry has urged students and their parents to trust the government, stating, “We have nothing to hide. We admit our moral responsibility to ensure a smooth process, but that did not happen. We request the opposition not to politicise the issue.”

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