Viral video: Candidate lip-syncs answers during online interview, gets caught. Watch to find out what happened next

A viral video is going viral again! A candidate is spotted lip-syncing in an interview and gets caught. But all credits to the interviewer for keeping it calm and civil
Watch the video for more
Watch the video for more(Pic: EdexLive Desk)

It's that kind of the day when an old viral video has resurfaced, that to from back in 2017.

This viral video is that of a candidate appearing for an online interview. The candidate is caught lip-syncing to someone else (not on the screen) who is replying to a question posed by the interviewer on the candidate's behalf.

Watch the video for yourself:

“So, have you worked on any triggers in your experience?”, asks the interviewer.

The candidate seen on screen responds with a "Yes" and starts lip-syncing.

It is easy to spot this as the candidate's lips don't move but we can hear the answer. The interviewer too catches up on this early on and calls the candidate out. First we can hear a smirk, and then, the interviewer interrupts and says, "Hold on, hold on".

"I think, it is not you who is speaking, I mean... someone is speaking here... someone else is speaking here and you are just lip-synching. I can also hear your voice, the candidate who is sitting right in front of me. I doubt you, I mean...," says the interviewer with a calm demeanour.

The interviewer goes on to say, "This is not the right way, man. I caught you, I clearly caught you, you know. The other guy is talking and you are also speaking in your very low voice, syncing your lips. Okay. I'm sorry about that"

What do you think? How rampant is this issue?

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