IIIT Basara suicide: Police recover suicide note 

The student, who was in the first year of undergraduate course, hung herself in her hostel room on Thursday night
Pic Credit: EdexLive
Pic Credit: EdexLive

Following the suicide of a first-year student at the Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge and Technologies (RGUKT) in Telangana’s Nirmal district, the police have recovered a suicide note. 

In the letter, T Shirisha, the victim, detailed how she was unable to move on in her life after the recent demise of her brother-in-law, who also took his own life. Though she expressed regret for her decision, she stated that life had no meaning for her without her brother-in-law and that she was joining him, reported The New Indian Express.

Shirisha, aged 17, died by suicide by hanging, in her hostel room at RGUKT, also known as the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIIT) Basara, in the Nirmal district. Shirisha, a native of Dhavuru village in Manuru Mandal, Sangareddy district, was in her first year of PUC (Pre University Course or Class XI).

She arrived on campus on Thursday night, February 22, and took her own life while her friends were studying.

When the staff learned this, they promptly transferred her to the campus hospital, where doctors verified her death. Following the postmortem, her body was taken to Nirmal Hospital and eventually handed over to her parents.

Basara police have filed a case.

If you are depressed or having suicidal thoughts, remember you are not alone. Reach out to a loved one or contact the following helplines Tele MANAS: 14416 and Sangath: 011-411986

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