Safety standards when it comes to school buses in India 

School buses must also be properly maintained and kept in good working condition
What does protocol say? | (Pic: EdexLive)
What does protocol say? | (Pic: EdexLive)

A collision between a school van and a college bus took place in Uttar Pradesh on Monday, October 30, leading to the death of five people. We take a look at the rules that govern school vans or buses. 

School buses are a vital part of the transportation system in India, carrying millions of children to and from school every day. However, they can also be dangerous places, especially if they are not properly maintained or operated. To ensure the safety of school children, the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (MVA) has laid down several rules and regulations that school buses must comply with.

Vehicle construction and maintenance
All school buses in India must be constructed to the highest safety standards. This includes having a strong and durable body, properly fitted seats, and safety belts for all passengers. The buses must also be equipped with several safety features, such as:

- Speed governors to prevent the bus from exceeding the speed limit

- Fire extinguishers and first-aid kits

- Emergency exits

- Horizontal grills on the windows to prevent children from falling out

- Reflectors and other warning devices

School buses must also be properly maintained and kept in good working condition. This includes regular inspections and repairs, as well as ensuring that the tyres are properly inflated and the brakes are working properly.

Driver qualifications and training
School bus drivers must have a valid driving licence and must have at least four years of experience driving commercial vehicles. They must also undergo specialist training on school bus safety, which includes topics such as child psychology, emergency procedures, and first aid.

Operational requirements
School bus operators must comply with several operational requirements, including:

- Ensuring that the bus is not overloaded

- Following a safe and pre-determined route

- Making sure that all children are properly seated and buckled up before starting the bus

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