If you follow this 28-year-old Instagrammer, he promises to keep you entertained. Here's how

Vividh Ashok knows content and finally, he is putting in all his knowledge into creating content for himself. And for Vividh, Instagram is his playground where he is currently reigning supreme...
Vividh | (Pic: Vividh Ashok)
Vividh | (Pic: Vividh Ashok)

If change flusters you, meet Vividh Ashok. For this 28-year-old, change is the catalyst that comforts his creative senses. That's why, if you open the Instagram of this youngster who goes by @vividh.thekurtaguy, you'll see Insta Reels about the Bernie Sanders meme, the Indian cricket team's win in Australia and him whining about Mondays. And boy, can he make you laugh. After holding a slew of positions like Creative Head and Creative Consultant, this Instagrammer is now a Creative Producer at Ad Parody and Wubba Lubba Dub Dub. "Basically, I have been creating content for others my whole life and during the lockdown, I decided to create content for myself too," explains the self-confessed hyper-homeboy. Hence, he made the most of Insta Reels and started creating hilarious videos (all of which we binge-watched in one shot, by the way!). 

From one of his Insta Reels | (Pic: Vividh Ashok)

Perspective — that's what Vividh believes sets him apart from all those Instagrammers who are looking to build their own space in the already-crowded domain of social media. And this he has gained not only through hardcore experience of creating content, but also by being open to, no prizes for guessing, change! "I play around with ideas and try to set trends rather than follow them," says the youngster and laughs at his own cliché. Okay, Vividh, you don't have to belt out one-liners because we are convinced of your prowess already!  

"I realised that content creation for myself is something I should have explored a long time back because I discovered that I am a natural at it", says Vividh Ashok

Vividh makes a funny case for veg biryani, has a savage thatha (grandfather) as one of his recurring characters and even goes all sarcastic on famous quotes. "Taking a dig at social media influencers, I even proposed to my followers that I would make sponsored content for them for `20. And a good 25 to 30 people pinged me and I had a ball," says the youngster who is also on Instagram to just have a good time. And when does he decide it's time to do away with a particular type of format? When monotony sets in. "I started feeling a sense of responsibility towards entertaining my followers when one guy DMed me about how my videos had turned his lousy day right side up," he recalls.

Thatha | (Pic: Vividh Ashok)

To be honest, initially, we mistook Vividh for a stand-up comedian because of the laughter quotient of his content. But guess what? He does want to make a grand entrance into the scene of comedy, at least improv comedy. Also, in a month or two, his YouTube channel will be up and running. So you can look forward to a lot of more content from The Kurta Guy! Hey, wait a minute. Why does he call himself The Kurta Guy? "Because they are breezy and they instill in me a certain confidence," says the kurta-hodder. And more than anything else, a kurta brings about a much-needed change in his vibe, he says as he bids adieu.

Top three content creative avenues as per Vividh:
- TikTok: Even when it wasn't banned, it was the users outside India who were acing their game on this app
- Memes: As they say nowadays, those who control the memes, control the universe
- Podcast: A wonderful face-less way of creating content and reaching out to an audience

For more on him check out instagram.com/vividh.thekurtaguy

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