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IoT set to become a multi-trillion dollar industry soon: TalentSprint's Dr Santanu Paul

IIITH and TalentSprint launched a nine-month-long PG certificate programme in IoT and Smart Analytics for professionals. Applications have begun already

IoT will become a multi-trillion dollar industry in the coming days with the increased advent of smart cities, smart agriculture, grids, smart navigation and much more, said Dr Santanu Paul, CEO and Managing Director, TalentSprint while speaking at the virtual launch of a nine-month-long postgraduate certificate programme in IoT and Smart Analytics in collaboration with the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIITH) on Thursday.

"Three years ago I was in the US and one of my friends who was working in Apple had bought a high-end Tesla. He was driving and I was sitting in the passenger seat. We were approaching an intersection and the car started slowing down and I didn't see him do anything. I asked him, to which he replied that in a hundred metres the light has turned from green to red and the car is sensing that and actually slowing down. That's an example of smart navigation and vehicles. This is why IoT is the way to go now and this programme I believe, will become a flagship programme through which talents in the country will emerge," Dr Santanu added.

IIITH and TalentSprint, on Thursday, launched this programme for professionals who want to master Internet of Things and analytics to build cutting edge tech. Applications are already open for the first session set to begin from June 2021.

Sridhar K, Chief Business Officer, TalentSprint, explaining the importance of the programme, said, "This programme comes at the right time, everything is now becoming smarter and better. The potential for IoT is extremely high. Though it is remote, every participant will get hands-on experience on a physical kit and learning from it, improving it constantly. In addition to the expert faculty at IIITH, they will also learn from their peers, who will come from different backgrounds, some with 7-8 years of domain experience." The programme fee is set at Rs 2,50,000 with flexible EMI options.

The first six months of the programme will teach foundations for understanding IoT and will include simple concepts like data handling, communication networks etc, while the last three months will be hands-on application-based learning. They will be a part of experiential learning with an IoT kit, will be taught through capstones and hackathons and receive global certification from IIIT Hyderabad at the end of the programme.

Ramesh Loganathan, Professor Co-Innovation and Outreach at IIIT Hyderabad added, "We wanted a much deeper connection with the industry, making sure that the things we do are relevant at the current time and what they are looking for. We wanted to do more and that's when this idea came up that why not venture into IoT and analytics as there is an increased demand for this. At the same time, TalentSprint reached out and suggested we do this together. It took about a month to curate and come up with the relevant course and its contents."