Want to learn acting from Manoj Bajpayee, writing from Ruskin Bond? Here's how Unluclass lets you learn from your heroes

At Unluclass, learners can access courses from well-known artists in different fields, such as Monali Thakur, Manoj Bajpayee and Ruskin Bond
Image credit: Unluclass
Image credit: Unluclass

Don't we all dream to learn from our idols? From the actors, authors, singers, sports stars we aspire to become? Well, that is now possible with this non-academic EdTech platform, headquartered in Gurugram. Unluclass is a celebrity-to-fan connect platform that makes it possible for every individual to learn from the pros across various fields. Be it comedy, music, writing, design, or even understanding bitcoins and cryptocurrency, the platform has it all. Launched in February this year, the concept of Unluclass is to let you learn from your heroes — those who are considered legends in their own fields.

At Unluclass, learners can access courses from artists such as Monali Thakur (singing), Manoj Bajpayee (acting) and Ruskin Bond (writing) either through the desktop platform or by downloading the Unluclass app. With downloadable workbooks and step-by-step video content, learners of all levels can benefit from the insights, experiences and success stories of the celebrities they aspire to be someday. The platform primarily targets people within the age group of 13 to 45 years, although the Ruskin Bond class has learners aged between 10-70 years. Currently, Unluclass' youngest learner is seven years old and the oldest is 72 years. Their courses can be bought separately, starting at `700 all the way to `1500, while their all-access annual plan is priced at `15,000. "We have pre-recorded classes, we put in a lot of effort into shooting these using professional cameras. And they are all in the storytelling format so that students don't get bored. When you buy one of our courses, it has a lifetime validity like a book, it stays with you, you can go back and look through it later whenever you want," says Vipul Agrawal, one of the co-founders.

Speaking about why they thought of such a platform, Vipul adds, "It comes at an apt time when there is a lot of talk about the creative economy, it's where the world is moving towards. People wish to learn from someone in the field, like an actor or an author, who knows the tricks of the trade, practically. But the courses taught in our current institutions might not have a full-time actor or author coming and teaching the students. The curriculum is also outdated at times, not taught by someone who's been through the grind. No one can obviously replace our teachers or the amount of hard work they put in to make us who we are, but not all of them have been part of the journey an industry expert goes through. Students want to learn from someone who has done it already. Learning from experiences makes a lot of difference. That's where we saw the need to launch a platform like this."

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