#ThrowbackToday: Two years ago today, Article 370 was revoked and this is what followed

In today's #TBT, the unstable landscape of Jammu and Kashmir underwent a tectonic shift as the Indian Government decided that Article 370 world be revoked. This is what it meant for them
Jammu and Kashmir | (Pic: Wikimedia Commons)
Jammu and Kashmir | (Pic: Wikimedia Commons)

On August 5, 2019, the Government of India made a decision that was unimaginable. Article 370 was revoked, turning the state of Jammu and Kashmir into union territory.

Article 370 allowed Jammu and Kashmir, which has forever been the bone of contention between India and Pakistan, to have their own flag and constitution as well, in other words, significant autonomy. While defence, foreign affairs and communications remained the union government's prerogative, J&K could make its own rules. But revoking Article 370 changed it all and the government said it was important to do so to integrate it with the rest of the country.

Previously a princely state, many wars have been fought between India and Pakistan to control different parts of the state.  

In the days leading up to August 5, additional troops were deployed, pilgrimages were cancelled, regional leaders were put under house arrest, telephone and internet services were suspended among many other actions that were taken. But the move surprised one and all. Along with this, Ladakh was also declared as a union territory without a legislature and Jammu and Kashmir are to be bifurcated into two union territories with a legislature.

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