This art starter kit from Hyd's Jxtapose is what your kid needs to keep those creative juices flowing

Boost your creative quotient with the help of the Aloha Art Starter Kit curated by Jxtapose, one of Hyderabad's favourite creative and co-working spaces. This is what it has in store for you
The kits | (Pic: Jxtapose)
The kits | (Pic: Jxtapose)

Say aloha to Jxtapose's Aloha Art Starter Kit. Yes, Jxtapose, the co-working space that used to host a slew of workshops pre-pandemic, has found a new way to keep young ones engaged. "It was during the lockdown that we realised that it is important to expose children to different artforms at an early age," says Prerna Shah, one of the seven co-founders of the space. But the key for them was to keep the kids' screen time down. Hence, their art starter kit that boosts creative entrepreneurship in children between the ages of six and 14 offers a set of hands-on activities.

Inside the kit | (Pic: Jxtapose)

Think of the kit as a box that has two to three activities, which piques the interest of the child and has all that you need to execute it. Like the very first kit has tasks like baking, upcycling and gardening. As part of baking, the first activity is to bake scrumptious cookies. "Once you understand the fundamentals of how to work with butter, flour and the dough, you can apply it to other recipes," explains the 27-year-old about this activity that has been put together by Van Lavino Cafe & Patisserie. The upcycling activity is all about converting CDs into coasters and other products. Miniature gardening doesn't just encourage you to plant something and take care of it, coloured sand is also provided in the kit along with other accessories which enables you to actually create your own miniature garden. How adorable! And with this, they pique the children's imagination enough to have them interested in multiple activities.

The cost of the kit, delivery charges excluded is Rs 2,500 

Another unique aspect of these kits is that they have been curated by artists. They are currently working on their second kit which they chose to remain tight-lipped about. And when they have three kits ready, they would like to launch a subscription model — hopefully by January 2021 — so that every month, a new box of activities reaches the kids. Talking about the instructions that will guide the child gently through all the activities, a manual will be provided and if further clarification is needed, a video will be emailed to them as well. But if the participants still find themselves at sea, the artists who helped curate the kits are available as well.

The seven co-founders | (Pic: Jxtapose)

"Since we have conducted several workshops ourselves, we understand how difficult it can get sometimes to procure materials. And that's the advantage we have over online workshops, we give the kids all the materials, instructions and more, at hand," says Prerna and concludes.

What else is Jxtapose up to?
- They recently conducted a virtual theatre Dussehra camp
- They have been conducting art workshops like making paper, painting koi fish and so on

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