How Classroom.Live automates most aspects of an online classroom so that teachers can focus on teaching

Gurugram-based Unthinkable Solutions initiated Classroom.Live recently and there are many educational institutions across the country that are already making the most of their integrated platform 
Making learning online seamless | (Pic: Classroom.Live)
Making learning online seamless | (Pic: Classroom.Live)

There is a need for teachers to adapt quickly to the online medium of teaching, now more than ever, thanks to almost all classes going virtual. And of course, teaching online is a whole other ballgame. The pressure on teachers is unprecedented. In times like this, Unthinkable Solutions, a group company of Daffodil Software, a software services company founded in 1999, decided to play to their strengths, software and technology, and launched Classroom.Live. Yes, there are many portals out there trying to do a lot for educational institutions currently in various ways, but what we think makes this education delivery platform different is that they are focussed on making the job of teachers and principals easier through some ingeniously directed ways. "Technology won't work to the best of its ability until and unless value additions are made to it," believes Vipul Sobti, Business Head, Unthinkable Solutions and he takes us to how they have optimised Classroom.Live to ensure that it adds value in a way no other platform does.

Adding more value
Apart from the value addition, another aspect to note about Classroom.Live is that it was developed and put out in record time, in about 30 days. They worked with over 400 schools last year and developed apps like Yellow.Live (school bus tracking) and Applane (facilitates information flow between parents and institutions). So they reached out to their network to understand their problem and realised that teachers are not comfortable with video conferencing platforms because they are not made for online classes. That's when, on March 24, they initiated the development of Classroom.Live. And on May 27, they finished 100 partnerships across the country and about one lakh session screenings were done through their platform per day.      

Vipul Sobti, Business Head, Unthinkable Solutions | (Pic: Classroom.Live)

Preparing for classes, correcting assignments, compiling reports and even mundane tasks like taking attendance seems like a toll when one is still getting used to teaching online. Classroom.Live takes care of all this and much more so that teachers can concentrate on their primary task, teaching. "This leaves the teachers with much more time on their hands for self-learning or other work that they might have," says Vipul, who has over ten years of experience in the field of education technology. Because this platform is an integrated one, the teacher need not use one platform for video conferencing and other for sharing notes and a completely different one to give assignments, all of the tasks can be done on their integrated platform. No wonder over 2,000 educators are currently using their platform.

They also ensure safety and privacy for both teachers and students. To prevent any unwanted parties from joining their class, only those invited can enter. They also have a content generator which helps teachers share videos, presentations, URL, audio lessons and more with the students seamlessly. Needless to say, multimedia tools allow teachers to embed any format of content for the class. If students have difficulty following any fast-speaking teacher, they can go back and listen to the lesson after class at their own pace. As far as assignments are concerned, the correction of all objective-type questions are done by the software. "We ran a survey on our portal and learnt that the happiness index of the teachers using their platform is high," says Vipul. Credit certainly goes to all that they are doing to make their job easier.

A screenshot from the portal | (Pic: Classroom.Live)

What makes them different
The most interesting aspect is that the software, while analysing the attendance, either marks a student, present, absent or partial, which means the student was present for only 70 per cent of the class. It is up to the institute to decide if they would like to mark these students present or absent. Apart from this, the platform automatically combines statistics like duration of classes, was the class delayed, which session and which topic was covered, which student did not attend and all these statistics are shared with the principal. Multiple reports like these are developed. "As a principal, one need not go through several paper reports, these insights are shared with them and they can focus on bettering their process rather than poring over multiple reports," asserts the entrepreneur.

What automating so many processes does is that it frees up time for both teachers and institutions to better themselves. This is much needed because parents are no more outside the class, they are literally in it. There is a need for educational institutions to focus on quality and make the most of this time and Classroom.Live helps them with this aspect.                    

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