Bengaluru women to commemorate Savithri Bai Phule's birthday by protesting against CAA and NRC

Burqa and Bindi Vigil will be happening at Bengaluru's iconic Sir K.P Puttanna Chetty Town Hall on January 5 and many women are expected to gather to protest against CAA and NRC
Representational (Pic: Vinay Madapu))
Representational (Pic: Vinay Madapu))

The Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) have lead people to stand united and raise their voice against it. This January 5, 2020 women from different walks of life are coming out to hold a vigil in Bengaluru. On this day, they will not only celebrate Savitri Bai Phule's Birthday but also protest against CAA and NRC. The posters of Burqa and Bindi Vigil have already become viral on social media and thousands of women and people from LGBTQA+ community are expected to gather at City's TownHall at 4 pm. Tara Krishnaswamy who is part of this vigil says, "We all know about the life led by Savithri Bai Phule. She is popularly known as the Mother of Indian Feminism. Beyond all this, she along with her husband founded a school only to support and encourage education for girls. Fighting against the caste system and some rigid practices like Sati, she is an example to many women across the world. Observing the similarities of the situation in those days and today, the lady fought against society to abolish caste system and we women are still fighting for the same cause.  While her birth anniversary was on January 3, we  have got permission from the police to hold a vigil on January 5."

This vigil is by the women and for the women

The speakers include Malavika Prasad, Legal Researcher, Rini Ralte from North East Solidarity Forum, Nagma Sheikh from Karnataka Muslim Mahila Andolan, M D Pallavi, Playback Singer, Clifton Razario and many more. "All these speakers are going to speak on different aspects of CAA and NRC and how it is going to affect people especially women. The government which is supposed to protect the rights and duties of marginalised sections of society including Dalits, tribals, minorities etc is not doing so. And we are forced to come out and tell them what they are doing is not right."

Nagma Sheikh, Convenor, Karnataka Muslim Mahila Andolan thinks that women will have to face the issue of CAA and NRC after their marriage. She has been leading the protests of Muslim women across Karnataka against CAA and NRC. She says, "With these new rules which will be introduced across the country, we women are going to suffer the most. As women get married and go to their husband's home, they usually change their second name or surname. In such cases, the administration will cause us trouble asking why there are two different names in different documents. How do you think, we can justify these points to the administration if CAA and NRC are introduced? Do we have to end up in the detention centres? Whether it was pre-independence or post-independence, it is only women who suffer from these stupid policies of the government."

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