Rachel Reddy's start-up The Sugar Connection whips up cakes and cupcakes that will make you drool

Rachel Reddy's The Sugar Connection bakes a lot of yum stuff. But the most popular are chocolate fudge brownies, chocolate cupcakes and red velvet cakes
Yum macaroons from the kitchen of The Sugar Connection | (Pic: The Sugar Connection)
Yum macaroons from the kitchen of The Sugar Connection | (Pic: The Sugar Connection)

Home bakers are everywhere, but who is more credible? This is the question that many jostle with. It was the same question former home baker Rachel Reddy was haunted with. So she decided to establish The Sugar Connection as a start-up, opened her own studio this July in Madhapur, Hyderabad with the help of friend Krishna Chaitanya and set things rolling. A chef and intern joined her registered company and this was just the beginning.

Big order: The order they baked for OnePlus | (Pic: The Sugar Connection) 

Rachel tells us about the biggest order that came through — 200 assorted boxes for the launch of the latest One Plus. "I focussed a lot on my packaging and that made a lot of difference," says the 25-year-old Rachel who invested as much as `5 lakh of the packaging. A chance stall at a corporate office placed her in the line of vision of One Plus. Kiosks and stalls are something Rachel sets up a lot, in malls and in offices. She recently completed an order for Deloitte too. So now that The Sugar Connection has connected with corporates, they purchased two bikes so that they don't have to depend on other agents for delivery.

They get eight to ten orders per day

Working under Rachel are a chef and an intern who ensure that orders are fulfilled without any hassle. "Till the the delivery is received by the customer, my heart used to beat fast. Delivery is a major challenge and very stressful. Which is why purchasing the bikes was important," the architect says. Wait, architect? "I knew from day one that I did not want to be an architect," she shares. But looks like she is in the right field because the baker, who trained in Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel, today, gives workshops on eggless baking, basics of baking and so much more.

There she is: Rachel gives her blood, sweat and tears to the start-up | (Pic: The Sugar Connection)

And for the future, Rachel nurtures holds many ambitions. They want to be on Swiggy and Zomato soon and want to open a small store too. Not that these are just dreams, she is working towards them too. "We have opened a studio for a few months. Depending on the response, we will take the next step, which is to start a store of our own," says Rachel who studied in Wesley Degree College. In between all this, Rachel continues to experiment. "We have been trying to nail the perfect macarons, cracking it was a big task," she shares. We are sure customers will feel it's worth it.

Desserts to drool over:

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