Shooting stars: Check out this Odisha workshop for hands-on training by Abhitanshu Soni on clicking the night sky

The workshop in Koraput, Odisha is being organised by the photographer Malay Patra with Discover Koraput in association with Lense Buddies    
A pretty click | (Pic: Abhitanshu Soni)
A pretty click | (Pic: Abhitanshu Soni)

Capturing the mighty Milky Way on your camera lens is not as hard as one would think it is, especially if Abhitanshu Soni is your guide. This Raipur-based ace photographer will be in Koraput for a two-day Astro-landscape photography workshop. So if you would like to document the galaxy sign up for this workshop organised by fellow-photographer Malay Patra on October 19 and 20. And to understand what this workshop would entail, we got in touch with the 32-year-old photographer.

Strike a pose: Abhitanshu Soni is an experienced photographer | (Pic: Abhitanshu Soni)

Abhitanshu was hooked onto photography while he was pursuing MTech in Vellore Institute of Technology. But it was during the first year of his role as Assistant Professor at Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Professional Management and Technology, Raipur, that he purchased his first DSLR. He quit his job in 2015 and then, he started his own brand ABS Fotography and Orion Studio, under which he takes up wedding, pre-wedding and other such assignments. But among all this, where did astro-landscape photography come in? "I read that for astro-landscape photography can be done in places like Ladakh, But you'll be amazed to know that even about 120 km from Raipur, one can get a mind-blowing shot of the Milky Way. All one really needs is a dark zone, where there is no light and pollution and of course, a decent camera," explains Abhitanshu. So after conducting his first casual workshop on the same in Raipur, he is coming to share his knowledge on the same to Koraput.

You can sign up for the workshop for Rs 7,000/-

"Even if just four people turn up, I will go ahead with the class," he says jovially. In fact, he informs us that after November, one cannot see the galactic centre of the galaxy and only between 9 to 10 pm one will have the window to capture the best shot. "Only after the astronomical sunset, after 7 pm, we will start clicking. I will explain how the photographer can set up the perfect shot and then go ahead and get it," explains the photographer who recently came back from a short trip to click an unexplored waterfall near Raipur. After October 20, the participants will have another 10 days to practice their shots because after that, the galactic centre of the galaxy will shift.

So much beauty: One of Soni's clicks | (Pic: Abhitanshu Soni)

The photographer intends to be more active on Instagram as he recognises the importance of such platforms and for the future, he plans to take up a job in Pune and will continue to capture the beautiful night sky on the sidelines.

What do you stand to gain for the workshop?
- Basics of night sky photography
- Night scape and Milky Way
- Star trail
- Image processing and noise reduction

More of his clicks

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