This Bengaluru-based company offers a variety of toys made of wood that can help your child develop critical motor skills  

Other toys in their catalogue are Fruit Wooden Lacing Set, Dinosaur Teepee Tent, Clock 3D Jigsaw Puzzle, Activity Walker, Ice Cream Magnetic Set, Farm Snap Card Game and a lot more
Activity Triangle | (Pic: Shumee)
Activity Triangle | (Pic: Shumee)

We all know how popular Peppa Pig, the cute little preschool-going pig, is among kids and Shumee, the Bengaluru-based sustainable toy brand, just struck gold with regards to it! Based on the same aesthetic that all their toys are made of wood, painted with organic paints and are 100 per cent child-friendly, Shumee and their latest range of Peppa Pig toys includes a sorting box, a carnival memory game, card games and so on. And we hear from the Founder Meeta Sharma Gupta that they are already a rage among parents and kids. "We launched just four products as of now and we will launch another four very soon," she informs. For now, imagine products like Build A Chair DIY Set, Musical Animal Activity Truck, Jungle Croquet Set and so much more. This and many more products have been the brainchild of Shumee.  

In their catalogue
Why Meeta started Shumee, back in 2016, was because after quitting her job at IBM Research, this Harvard alumna wasn't happy with the plastic toys flooding the market. "It was challenging to find meaningful child-friendly toys because we certainly weren't keen on plastic. We were looking for toys that help develop specific motor skills and that a child can keep coming back to and still learn new things as opposed to a toy which offers a one-dimensional experience," explains the 42-year-old. Hence, she spent one and a half year understanding what products and portfolio will work for children. Forget plastic, no electronics or even batteries find their way into the toys. But don't think of these toys as the ancient wooden toys India is famous for, like rattles or tops. Sure Shumee toys are Made in India, but the feel of it is not of ethnic toys. Let us give you an example. Take their bestseller Activity Triangle. This five-sided wooden toy has a chalkboard, an abacus, alphabet blocks, picture blocks and more to help with self-expression, fine motor skills, problem-solving and other skills. Even their adorable Li'l Chef's Wooden Cooking Set is extremely popular. But this doesn't mean that they don't offer Wooden Rocking Horse and Rainbow Wooden Stackers. You can find these products as well.  

Team Shumee | (Pic: Shumee)

In categories
All toys are age-specific (babies, toddlers and preschoolers) and different kinds of woods, from pine to neem, is used to make them. "Parents are becoming more and more conscious of what their child plays with. And wooden toys, with a contemporary twist that we offer, is an ideal choice," says the mother of two who also informs that all their toys are hand-made and hand-painted and sourced from different makers. Even their card games are made of high-quality and non-toxic paper.    
Next up, they want to come up with products for the age group of six and above. They also intend to introduce more board games. They have a subscription model where every three months, their patrons can receive a curated box of new toys which their children can engage with. They are putting together a magazine too that can help parents understand their child better.        

Their collection

Activity Walker | (Pic: Shumee)

Balance Board | (Pic: Shumee)

Shumee + Peppa Pig Tic Tac Toe | (Pic: Shumee)

Wooden Penguin | (Pic: Shumee)

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