Listen up, cat lovers: The first-ever foster kitten training workshop comes to Hyderabad

Organised by Hyderabad Pet Adoption organisation, this will be conducted at The Pet Cafe on December 21. There are limited seats available so hurry and register for the event soon! 
This workshop is exclusively for those who want to foster kittens
This workshop is exclusively for those who want to foster kittens

There is no denying the fact that the dog is man's best friend, but the mysterious cats have a fan base of their own. But let's admit it, we still need to understand how to take care of cats and kittens in a better way. To cater to this need, Hyderabad Pet Adoption (HPA) organisation is going to conduct the first-ever Kitten Foster Training workshop on December 21, 2019. To be held at The Pet Cafe on Road No 12 in Banjara Hills, the workshop starts at 4.30 pm and will be a two-hour-long affair. This is being organised by HPA's offshoot which focuses solely on kittens and cats' rescue and adoption. It was started just this year to make people aware of how to care for cats.    
Cats are the best
Cat lover, mother to two cats and member of HPA, Mona Kumar will be conducting the workshop along with another member from the community. "Cats are much more self-sufficient and independent when compared to dogs. Which actually makes it easier for working professionals to foster them because they are really low-maintenance," explains Mona, adding that people are not very well-versed with this fact about cats. "Then there is the perception that they run away and often, don't come back. But the fact of the matter is that cats can be amazing indoor pets," says Mona. Another very important aspect people don't understand is the need to neuter cats because one cat can birth four litters of kittens in one year, she informs.

Thought the seats are limited to 15, it can be extended up to 20

Points covered
These and many more important facts will be discussed by the duo who will be speaking from experience. The workshop will also answer questions like how does one identify if a kitten needs to be rescued; once they are rescued, what should be done; the agenda for what to do during the first week of fostering an orphan kitten; how to help it socialise; how to help it transition from mother's milk to cat food and most importantly, how you should give it up for adoption as a happy and friendly kitten instead of a scared one who hides under the bed. "The last bit is most important because people often come to us with complaints of kittens not getting along well with the family or other cats," Mona points out. She also warns cat lovers that kittens are extremely sensitive creatures and the chance of them catching stomach or eye infections are very high. They might touch upon neonatal kitten care if the participants are interested.

And for all those who feel that cats are not as affectionate as dogs, Mona says, "I have two cats who almost demand that they are petted as soon as I wake up. And when I get back from work, I always find them waiting for me." And though there is no fee involved, all the donations from this workshop will be used to fund the rescues and other activities of HPA.       

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