These two girls from Mysuru can be the next boxing champs of India all thanks to their granny. Here's why

Shabana, who wants her granddaughters to reach the heights of success, begs at traffic signals to pay for their education and training
Mohammed Fajrath Iyaz along with Bibi Fathima and Bibi Hajeera
Mohammed Fajrath Iyaz along with Bibi Fathima and Bibi Hajeera

Meet Bibi Fathima and Bibi Hajeera who are taking the boxing championships both in state and national levels by storm. Their chief instructor and founder of Elite Academy, Mohammed Fajrath Iyaz and their grandmother Shabana alias M D Akram are the pillars that helped them be what they are today. Recently, when they participated in the State Level Boxing Championship held in Mysuru, the duo won gold medals.

Now, you might think what's so special if two girls win gold medals in boxing? I am sure you will be moved by the journey they have had so far. Iyaz is training these kids without charging a single penny at his academy because their grandmother, Shabana, is a trans person who has to earn her living by going out on the streets to beg for money. She adopted a daughter 25 years ago and named her Astha Banu. Unfortunately, after 14 years of marriage Astha Banu's husband abandoned her for the only reason that she gave birth to daughters and not sons. Shabana came to the rescue of her daughter and four granddaughters. Currently, she is taking care of the school fee, clothes, food and home rent for her family.  

Shabana who wants her granddaughters to achieve something big says, "Not just education, these days children must be talented to make a life for themselves. Hence I approached an academy in Mysuru that teaches karate and boxing to kids. I requested them saying that I am the only bread earner for our family and due to financial constraints, I will not be able to pay the fees for the classes. They readily agreed to train my granddaughters. From then on, Bibi Fathima and Bibi Hajeera who are now studying in Class VII and Class VI respectively are at the Elite Academy. They are being trained by Mohammed Fajrath Iyaz. Every day, the duo attend classes for around two hours."

After this astounding victory at the state level, Iyaz took them to the National Level Boxing Championship held in Delhi.  While Fathima won the gold medal, Hajeera was able to win bronze. "Next, they will be participating in National Level Kick Boxing Championship which will be held in June. The venue is yet to be confirmed," he says.

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