This Facebook page aims to help people with their mental health issues through their content

No One Cares, a Facebook page that revolves around the idea of spreading positivity has 15 million followers in just a year
The duo formed the social media page, 'No One Cares'
The duo formed the social media page, 'No One Cares'

Nikhil Kale and Satyam Shastri had one simple idea in mind: to spread joy where it was needed. With the help of the internet generation's greatest tool, social media and some good old-fashioned goodwill, they set up No One Cares, a Facebook page that revolves around the idea of spreading positivity. We spoke to them about the journey behind the page and the message it hopes to spread. Excerpts:

Can you speak briefly about the process behind setting up No One Cares? 

When we set up the page, we had 0 likes. We focused on creating quality content and in just 10 days, we got more than 100k followers on the page and that was a very inspiring moment. So we decided to do more of the same. In just 1 year, we were able to create a base of 15 million followers. We decided that it was time to make something big, that nobody had heard of. After 1 year, we set up Psifiako Media was started in Pune with a small team have a team of a 30-35 employee working with us to create the same god content

What was your joint vision for NOC? 

Earlier, we were just noobs in this field. We met on Facebook and started to talk about work and how viral content works. Soon after this, we became friends and started to talk about this shared hope to start something that could be powerful in the social media platform. We wanted to target people who are filled with anger, depression or anxiety.

These days, people are always struggling with depression, anxiety and other emotional problems. Two years ago, we sensed this problem among people we knew and wanted to create something that could help them. So one fine day, we decided to create No One Cares, a Facebook page began posting content that would help people feel less alone and it worked

Nikhil Kale and Satyam Shasthri, Founders, No One Cares

Why do you believe that your content is appealing for young people and students? 

The answer can be summed up in one word: Solution. When we post something, we always make sure that it's a solution for the reader. Our audience is made up of people aged between 13-20, so we post content that can be consumed and appreciated by them. We like to explore themes like teen problem, breakups, depression and many issues that we've all had to deal with at this age. And we always make sure that we are the first ones come up with a solution.

What is your creative process like? 

We have a research team that digs up on the content which is then approved by its head and then goes to the creative team. At that level, we find what can be the best editing and effects that we can add to make the image or video really reach the reader's mind and help them relate to the content. That's how one piece of content is posted.

Big plans: The team aims to take the page to a bigger platform

How is this page unique in this age where everyone is fighting to create social media content? 

The best thing is that both of us are 20 and we can always make sure that the content we create in relatable. Instead of creating content about the problem, we make sure that we create content about the solutions. 

What are your plans for the future?

NOC will be soon a bigger platform where people can express their opinions. Besides this, we have also started 3 more communities online: Fashion Everyday, Who Cares and No One Cares Videos to make sure that we are creating content in every genre and we hope to create more communities that will make an impact on people's everyday life. 

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