This cafe in Bengaluru is run by three people who grew up in a children's home. This is their inspiring story

Venilla Hutchins tells how three kids from a children'a home stuck it out to open their dream cafe in Bengaluru — by raising funds through college bake sales
Venilla, who is the head chef, has been a baking enthusiast from the age of 12.
Venilla, who is the head chef, has been a baking enthusiast from the age of 12.

If cupcakes and muffins are your favourite treats then the Daily Bean Cafe should be your go-to place. This Bengaluru cafe, co-founded by Venilla Hutchins along with her partners Anbalagan Elrajan and Sridhar, has a remarkable back story to it. All three were adopted and brought up in a children's home — and formed a bond that has lasted them through time and cookie dough.

The Trio: Venilla with her partners Anbalagan and Sridhar, the founders and owners of The Daily Bean

Venilla, who is the head chef, has been a baking enthusiast from the age of 12. "When I was younger, and even now, my mom always motivated me to bake for my siblings. As I grew up, YouTube videos and tutorials were something I looked at to help me get better at baking,"  she says of her adoptive family. But, did she always know that she wanted to own a cafe? We asked her and this is what she said...

What was your life like in terms of education? 

When I was three years old, I was rescued and brought in to the children's home and they supported my education and well-being thereafter. I didn't always know that I wanted to become a baker and run a cafe. So I ended up getting a business degree and it has paid off. I am able to play a double role in both handling accounts and also baking. 

When did you know that baking and running a cafe was your calling? 

In college, I was an active participant in the Entrepreneurial Development Programme. It was a platform that enabled me to understand the quirks of running a business and the marketing and pricing strategies involved for the same. I often set up stalls and would sell cupcakes and cookies. That's when I knew that this was it.

Chef life: Venilla prepping for bake sales before The Daily Bean was established 

How was the Daily Bean set up? 

From the final semester in college, I began having my bake sales in order to start building my customer base. After college, I continued doing the same and the number of orders increased by the day. I used to bake at home and Anbalagan and Sridhar used to deliver. Simultaneously we were looking for places to start up our cafe. This was a test of patience but today, when I look back, I can say that it was completely worth the wait. We had a ton of challenges that came our way, but we fought through and I am so proud of the recognition Daily Bean has today in Bengaluru. 

Trick or treat: Everyones favourite, they famous daily bean cupcake

How did you arrange for the Initial capital and other expenses?

I had savings from the pre-cafe sales that the boys and I worked on for several months. I also applied for a part-time job with the college I studied, in order to add to my savings. An angel investor who believed in our vision lent us the initial capital. We have not sought to borrow from banks or any individual for that matter.

We've heard that there's a strong social element to the way you do business. Tell us more

Daily Bean is not all business and money-making. It's part business and part service. We provide employment opportunities for people who are in need of it. We counsel them on both financial and personal levels. We also focus on giving back to the children's home we were raised in because we owe it to that place and our mother for raising us the way she did and for making us who we are.

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