These bio bags once disposed off, degrade in three-months  time
These bio bags once disposed off, degrade in three-months time

Green hero: This young innovator makes starch-based bio bags that don't harm the planet 

This young innovator has come up with a novel solution to replace plastic bags with biodegradable bags made out of wastes of maize, vegetables and paper

Are you worried about plastic bags polluting the environment? Here's an eco-friendly solution for you. The Coimbatore-based venture, Regeno is now manufacturing bags made of starch that will dissolve in water and they won't cause any harm even if consumed by innocent animals. Yup, that's right! Regeno’s biodegradable bags are made out of wastes of maize, vegetables and paper. Thus, these compostable bags are starch-based and completely toxin-free. 

"I had always wanted to start an eco-friendly and sustainable venture since college, but this thought of fighting against the problem of littering and pollution, caused by single-use plastics, originated when I was working in the US," explains Cibhi Selvan, the founder. Cibhi, who hails from Coimbatore, finished his graduation in the US and continued to work there for a few years. His stay in the Land of Dreams exposed him to the culture of using biodegradable bags to avoid plastic usage. 

New start: Regeno came into existence in December 2016

"Regeno’s biodegradable carry bags have been created to replace regular, single-use plastic carry bags once and for all. These bio bags look like plastic bags, they work like plastic bags, but they do not contain a single big of plastic in them," says Cibhi, an alumnus of Loyola College, adding, "The cost of these bags varies with the size, but on an average, they cost around 50-70% more than plastics bags." Cibhi believes that Regeno bio bags could replace plastic bags in multiple ways — from shopping bags and garment bags to garbage bags and pet waste bags, and so much more. The company also produces biodegradable tableware that can be customised according to the desired shape and size.

He also points out that the 'non-woven bags' currently available are also essentially plastic bags and that these are equally harmful to the environment. "We wanted to address a problem that has caused great disturbance to the masses. So, while contemplating all the problems we face on Earth, we realised that the pollution and litter problem, caused by single-use plastic litter, has not been addressed efficiently so far. So, we started working on the solution to change this," says Cibhi.

Support system: These bags have the logos of Coimbatore Smart City Limited printed on it

Speaking of challenges, Cibhi highlights that the current cost of these bags is one of them. "We are trying to bring down the cost. When more and more people adopt the practice of replacing plastic bags with bio bags, the cost will automatically come down," he assures. But what is Regeno doing to spread awareness about the dangers of using plastic? "Educating the consumers on the negative impacts of plastics is definitely a major task. Plastics bags have a very dominant presence in the market with over 10,00,000 bags being sold per minute, globally. Disrupting that market will definitely be a feat. We are trying to associate with NGOs that are campaigning against plastics and we are educating them on the alternatives. We hope that they will be a great medium for creating awareness," he adds.