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Now that you know spoonerism, let's see what Bushism and malapropism are

Not all tongue slips are spoonerisms. Read on to find more about Bushism and malapropism 

Published On:
06 Aug 2017

Educationist Husien Dohadwalla tells us why children might benefit from having counsellors in schools 

Here are some signs for school counsellors to watch out for in students for and why parental involvement is crucial  

Published On:
02 Aug 2017
Research has proven that emotional well-being is closely connected with the physical state of the child

No more tongue of slips..oops slip of tongue. Did you know that it's called spoonerism?

Find out more about spoonerism here

Published On:
30 Jul 2017

Modal mystery decoded: Part II

Modals have always confused us as students. Here is how you use them properly 

Published On:
23 Jul 2017

Modal mystery decoded : Part I

Modals have always confused us as students. Here is how you use them properly 

Published On:
16 Jul 2017

Let us find out if 'Covfefe' is an actual word and its real meaning

Trump tweeted it. But was that a typo or a real word? Let us find it out here

Published On:
09 Jul 2017
Trump's original tweet

Everyday words with metaphoric meanings

Words which we use everyday might have a complete different meaning when used in a different sentence. Read here and understand better about the metaphors we use everyday

Published On:
12 Jun 2017

Now you can receive programming lectures in Hindi on YouTube without spending a penny

Saurabh Shukla talks about his YouTube channel, that teaches the art of programming. He provides lectures to a vast audience, all in Hindi

Published On:
15 May 2017
Saurabh has conducted more than 50 career guidance seminars across Madhya Pradesh in various schools and colleges, and through this has touched the lives of thousands of students
Winners of RoboRAVE India 2016

Here's how this robotics firm in Kochi is getting school kids to design robots that can be used in everyday life

Lincy Jesky runs DSC Robotics which gets kids to experiment with robotics that few academies allow — given how expensive the process tends to be

Published On:
09 May 2017
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