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Milky Way Galaxy may be home to 36 active intelligent civilisations other than us, says study

They calculate that there could be over 30 active communicating intelligent civilizations in our home Galaxy," the university said in a press release, summing up the research

Published on 16th June 2020

Researchers find new evidence of how the milky way galaxy was formed

The study also used a spectroscopic survey, called APOGEE, which provides the chemical composition of stars, another aid in determining their ages

Published on 18th May 2021

WHAT THE FAQ: How did astronomers find a black hole outside Milky Way and how far is it from Earth?

Scientists estimate that there are as many as ten million to a billion black holes in the Milky Way Galaxy. This time, our astronomers discovered a black hole outside our galaxy 


Published on 16th November 2021

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